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How Famous Brands Got Their Names, Logos

I did not know Starbuck was a character in Moby Dick. Still, it goes to show you how much I don’t read.

Disney Research Capacitive Touch Sensing

It recognises gestures on objects, between your hands even underwater.


I suggested that nicorette should make an alcohol version of their quickmist product. Well, it looks like great creative minds think alike. Thanks Phil!

Webstock 2012

Three days of Awesomeness in Wellington. 13th - 17th of Feb 2012

Ladyhawke - Anxiety

Pre-Order the difficult second album now.

#5 Magazine - Issue 09

Rio meets Pele.

Early Christmas Present from Microsoft?

Fingers crossed this time next year there will be no more IE6. Still, didn’t Bob Geldof say that about world famine back in 1985?

Shopping any other way is pointless

This is in beta release. Use the invite code: "nextfriend". Any feedback, let me know, or use the Feedback link on the left. Enjoy

Dress Awesome

Discover and compare the best clothes from your favorite brands.

Hipster SXSW has launched for SXSW in Austin, TX. It will be launching in several other cities very soon.

The International Office

Wellington based studio, dropping some tight type and print based material.

The Internet Explorer 6 Countdown

Don't even get me started on this.. Can we get drop Chrome at the same time??...

App Appeal

Great Idea, Until 5 March, 100% of the proceeds of these 38 apps from some of New Zealand's top software developers will go directly to the New Zealand Red Cross.

Shared Space - Free Temporary accommodation for CHCH quake victims

Matt at sharedspace has devoted a section to quake relief -
if you have some spare office space, or perhaps a spare room or two - get involved.

Please Donate

If you have not done so already.

Jelly at Boost

Wellington based web design company Boost New Media opens its doors once a week to create a friendly co-working space. Jelly is a casual working event. Boost provides wifi, couches and desks. You provide your work materials and a smile. Friday's 9am-4.30pm

She's My Water... Colour

Stone Roses guitarist John Squire has reinvented himself as an artist.

25 Examples of Interesting and Creative Structures in Web Design

I'm taking a Porsche 911 approach to web design. I.e. get it right once, and then never have to do it again.

woop-woop! dat's da the sound of da police

This is the best online game ever! Unless you actualy do live in an "Above Average" crime zone, like myself. The met site crashed in the first hour this went live. Now if only they could think of a way to monetize it?..



After a two year sabbatical, For the Masses is back! The existing team of contributors are now scattered around the planet (Not just West London), so we vow to be more "Global" with content on the site. There maybe one or two bugs, please let us know. Enjoy!

The Art of the Design Critique

The Art of the Design Critique

If you're like me, and you sometimes drop the immortal line "what the fuck would you know about design? You're in fucking accounts!?" then read on...

The evolution of computer displays

The evolution of computer displays

I can still remember The Amiga we had at primary school, awhh. I sucked at California Games..

Simple Sips for Improving Web Typography

Simple Sips for Improving Web Typography

In 2004, Ellen Lupton wrote and designed a book entitled Thinking With Type. Since then, it has become one of the seminal tomes for the study of typography.

Why NZ?

WhyNZLive? really has a case on government spending

Tialata Tees

Neemia, I love you buddy. But please, leave the designing to the designers!

Klim Typefaces

Klim Typefaces

Klim Typefaces

Number Eight Wired

Number Eight Wired

Number Eight Wired - kiwi designer, based here in London.



Just a few tickets left to Webstock

Momentum Studios have a new site.
Who is Ben Williams? click to find out.
Mecano. Your world is their playground.

Black Estate

Black Estate

Black Estate has a new site



air nz jumps on the flex bandwagon with their new 'my airnz' dashboard/portal.

Movie poster designer.



seven have a new site, and its pretty alright.

Pie Mag

Pie Mag

Pie Mag Issue 2 is currently open for submissions
(as seen at SP08) went live recently featuring stuff from New Zealand’s moving pictures history. Their trailer is pretty sweet too.

slick promo site for yellow pages

Ryan MacPherson and Generate Design feature in the latest edition of Flogged Magazine along with the infamous Auckland logo...

It's Margi Kimball .com

makeshift collaboration

The new BNZ is hoax, right?

DrupalSouth, NZ's premier Drupal event

Auckland just got branded.

uh oh.

Jarred Bishop (ex. Fracture) has gone freelance in wellington.

Jeremy & Preston aka Mofresh have updated their flash site and showreel. Really nice motion work outta wellywood.

The extremely talented fellas @ RESN have launched a new site, featuring some killer new work.

PurpleSpheres - the outputs of 10 creatives locked away in a house for a week

I'm going to spend the next month at Dear Adobe

Best Awards are up fellas Check it

The Dunedin City Council website gets an overdue overhaul

Hell Pizza has a new website
alas still no non-flash support.

Crafty fun coming up. Craftwerk

submissions are open for the semipermanent 09 book.

pick up the 08 book at sp auckland next week.

Once again Alistapart is conducting a survey of all the web designers out there. Go take part

Semi-Permanent Auckland is only 3 weeks away!

Who they're most keen to see?


Arohamai whanau... ka tata tatou ki te mutunga o Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori! Anei...
Maori TV and Google. naianei, ka taea e tatou te rapu i te reo! You can search in Maori now. Chur.

Drama strikes on the front lines of the Auckland Iphone queue
warning: potentially NSFW language.

I am not stocking up on iPhone backgrounds for Friday's launch.

Another, "I've been neglecting the inbox again" post dump...
The awesome GRIMLOCK has released a new version of Docvert
Skyrize are holding a Rapid Prototyping in Flash Workshop
Spicers Paper + Semi-Permanent08 = Crafthead

The NZ Open Source awards are open for nominations

Coworking in Wellington, The Den.

Wellington HackOff July 15.

New Zealand has a new Design Store

Party on down for the release of Firefox 3 in Christchurch?!

Like Alison Holst I also try to forget about Stewart Island.

Also for you Intel Mac users, try to break the Toyota.

Sorry if you have emailed us in the past few weeks/months, with no reply. When you work for an American company you actually have to "work". Hence no time to check FTM emails.

Nominations are open for this years NZ Open Source Awards.
Go give those geeks a pat on the back.

2008 New Zealand Government Web Standards Review: call for submissions. Go, review, and complain about what doesn't work, is overly prescriptive, or too vague!

.inddesign conference is happening in AK in June.

awesome flex shopping site - Mama2be

Oh hell yeah! The iPhone finally (officially) comes to NZ

Desktoptopia - random designer desktops.

The pride of Eastbourne, Shona Laing.

Geek girls of Wellington get your coffee on.

If our future looks like a pulsating flash nav I want off the Island!
Have your say on the New Zealand Digital Strategy 2.0

correct website for auckland barcamp

To many barcamps to keep track of..,
Wellington barcamps
Auckland barcamp

If you plan on playing a virtual version of the ANZ (netball) championship, I'd suggest using Leaguist


Glennz tees

48 Hr film festival 2008 is all on!

Orcon now offers unbundled broadband (8x faster, and costs less!)


Gareth has updated No Love Lost again! Tight as always

Ladies, we need you speaking at more conferences. Go join

the new Impero site is good looking AND clever, nice work guys.

Portfolio night 6 auckland

The NZ web community is out of beta

PSA time: A print scammer seems to have turned his attention to NZ. An email is usually from a 'Reverend' Mike Johnson about getting large quantities of church flyers.

This PSA was bought to you by Spore.

National is the first New Zealand typeface to be awarded a TDC² Certificate of Excellence. Swanky.

I've never slept with a Windows user either.. MacHEADS The Movie.

Omnicom Group has acquired a majority interest in Shift.

NZBlood wants you to start a fan club.. nice flash styley from guys @ gladeye in Aucks. Also check their site design for deepanimation. chur.

Download this now and stick it to your cubicle wall.

Sir Edmund Hillary Tribute Film

Kelly Thompson - lovely lady prints for sale, check it out.
Bill Green - HST print.
Tuskluv - NY creative shop.

Wellington design studio experimenta has some tight typo work

You sucjk at photoshop

British Council - By the Throat. Two $8K scholarships to Glasgow and Edinburgh. Glasgow? By the Throat indeed!

If you don't click this link Dick Cheney will shoot you in the face

Vincent Lowe - new portfolio site.

bbc beta
OOoOo it changes colour and you can move things around!

fellow artist Knewseen has a xmas sale on his Horror Series book - cost you a US tenner

props to Kris Sowersby for being featured in the Wallpaper Graduate Directory 2008

Sneakerpimps (the shoe show not the band) is in Auckland this weekend

Stuck for a xmas gift? Have a look at Felt

Highschoolers! Add Google to your CV!
SilverStripe, with the help of Google, are looking for High School types to get into some open source projects. With cash and prizes to be won!

The Laptop Battle is coming to Auckland in March 2008.
Delicious icons - Royalty free stock icons. We like royalty free.

The Laptop Battle is coming to Auckland in March 2008

Send an Ardent Interactive eCard

Do you understand web design? Spotted by Romain.

Pretty sweet online bitmap-to-vector conversion app: VectorMagic. Spotted by Greg

nifty little Code Generator for
SwfObject 2.0 (standards compliant - IE fixing - flash embedding method)

I don't know I'm comfortable putting 4 version of IE for windows on my mac...

Support Starship Hospital the geek way through Childs play

CONTROL looks good....

Gareth has been busy since he jumped the ditch

Regen - Some great flash game and interactive work

Mephisto's site is back online/updated. MoFresh are Preston & Jerry strait outta' Wellywood. Brown Tiki is a Seven side-project. And if this hasn't been posted before

Creative commons .nz

free web "un-conference" BarCamp Auckland is happening soon.

The Last Lap Photographs by Jason O'Hara. Deluxe Cafe, Courtney Place Wellington. 28 October - 11 November

Grumpy old curmudgeon, aka design god.

I think this person is suggesting that the judging of the TVNZ Webchallenge 2007 was biased.

Sigurd from SilverStripe pays a visit to Google and rubs shoulders with the big guns at the official conference.

It’s a great start, but we need to add this, and this, and this…
How to disarm 10 difficult client observations/requests
link stoled from k10k

Sexy new design at Enlighten Designs.

The Church has a new site.
...Jesus Christ.

Results from the AlistApart 2007 Web Design Survey are up

some short and sweet recaps of the QBN Sessions are up over at Youtube: Josh Davis, Michael Muller, Shepard Fairey

DNA gets a new site

RACK is a quarterly bilingual magazine, published in English and Chinese, geared towards covering international street culture, with a strong emphasis on Asian influenced global youth culture.

The line up for WebStock 08 has been announced.

mmm incredible machine attack - Automatic Films

The work hasn't made me bitter, but some aren't so lucky

Visual blog by Fabio Iaschi
Telecom Annual Report Online

Join our Facebook Group.
When it reaches 100.000 members, Pete will rename himself Spider Pig.

I am so happy my iPod died last month... iPod Touch

I understand there's been a bit of trouble with Yahoo!Xtra lately

The talented Erik Baars has been busy lately, and also has a (new) site

&bull Portfolio of Nick de Jardine
&bull Pete has Yellow Fever do you?

Pro surfer Oli Adams has a sick website. Still, we all know that the best surfer in the world is Damian Murphy from Eastbourne.

Content-Aware Image Sizing (YouTube vid).

submissions are open for the Semipermanent 08 book
looks like they dropped the ball when it came to including the link tho, so check back in a bit...

And finally tonight, the Codeblacks won the first FullCodePress. That's Sunday sport back to you, Caro.

Link Dump:
British Council 2007 International Scholarship winner announced.
enjin skateboards Belfast.
dosage consulting.
Snap-Shot-City an urban photographic treasure hunt.

Tomorrow the big test is on, go #000!

Looking for best award results, but found the site is dead? we have made a list of finalists for interactive media and web design - check it.

Semi-Permanent 07: the Good, the bad, and the singing sausage.

How did you enjoy this years event?

Go biff some words up on a billboard in Sydney
maybe something about how we are going to win the world cup would be appropriate...

I wanna go home for the Highland fling (Web Conference).

Interesting reading always over @ crackunit pt ][

Tweetr is a twitter application built by the talented guys over at bluespark

Time for a coffee.
Laffare or Coffee Supreme?
Just so long as it's not from London, you should be ok.

Link Dump:
New Zeal AND! more Kiwi than a Sunday afternoon at the Walkabout.
The Jasmax Film Festival a celebration of fascinating and inspiring films about architecture.
Kelly Thompson photographs and illustrations.

PirateBot is dead. Don't stop Dan.

from "happy macintosh developing time" comes Shiira a revolutionary browser featuring expose tabs, amongst a host of other innovative browsing features.

More importantly, it passes the Acid2 test

Fishing for Orphans - "surprisingly little to do with either fishing or orphans"

Type nerds. Helvetica 50th anniversary shirts for sale $25 inc shipping. Buy yours

London based kiwi interaction designer Andy Biggs reinforces his growing Flash-guru status by turning his 3d blogging engine into a way cool rss reader.

havent brought your Semi Permanent Ticket yet?
Have a crack at the All Things Semi comp

I see NZ Post has remixed. nice one.

Ive finally updated my site as i'm up in Auckland on the lookout for work, check it out and drop me a line if youre keen

Wait, wait. I'm confused, why is there TVNZ Ondemand, when there's YouTVNZTube?

The NZ Open Source Awards, why not nominate your favourite locally developed web software, like say Docvert.

It seems like Apple and MS are having a technology arms race.
check out this incredible vid
and if you are on a windows box go test it out...

The Get a Mac Ads - Now in English! :-)

Helvetica the Film, Tickets on sale now for the Christchurch Screening. Purchase online, limited tickets. Introduction by Director Gary Hustwit (N.Y)

Safari 3 for Mac and PC!?

Desgn can change the wolrd - you have to be beautiful to create beauty.

Beautiful artwork by Nanami Cowdroy

FTM Crew member and super designer Marcus has updated his Site.
Hot damn.

Ex Dunedin-nite Chris Flack's graphic design portfolio ..and here he is out of his comfort zone.

London 2012 - Worst. Logo. Ever.
Good thing I didn't get a job with this lot who designed it, I would have resigned today. But it can be saved. I have made a few, very small changes, to make it more "London".

Speaker list for this years Auckland Semi-permanent.

Let us know you're going and maybe we could catch up, have a drink and talk about the old times..

Full Code Press It’s a geek Olympics! Web teams take each other on to build a complete website for a non-profit organisation in 24 hours. No excuses, no extensions, no budget overruns.

looks like RESN took out the business for profit award at SXSW for their own site,
also check out the slick job they did for The Black Seeds
nice one guys!

One more sign that Beelzebub loves me and will protect me while I'm overseas. A Hell's Pizza is just down the street in Fulham. HAIL SATAN!!

hot chip + dj kicks = good fun!

Just Add New Zealanders

This years netguide winners and their Validation results

Local Blogger Boycott Subway Campaign

Sorry if emails aren't getting answered and news has been slow from me. I'm currently running For the Masses from pubs where I can steal free WiFi and the pints are under 3 quid.

Last week of the Cut Collective Public Access Exhibition at Aveia Gallery in AK.

FTM calendar update -

Design Camp 8 is this weekend in wangavegas

also the Free Adobe CS3 Roadshow is happening in Aucks in June.

Kids. When you do your OE. Make sure you have a Word copy of your CV. Not just a PDF, as no one in the UK has downloaded Adobe Reader yet. No One!

Take it: The Web Design Survey 2007 from A List Apart

Went to Sentosa today. Amazing place. Much like the rest of Singapore. SOMEONE OFFER ME A JOB HERE SO I CAN STAY!! :-)

Very new, very web 2.0, very slick and very out of Wellington. Xero is an online accounting system designed specifically for small and medium businesses. Impressed.

draftfcb media agency have a tight flash site, dig the random personal staff photography as a background.

Roy Muir is a Wellington freelancer, and a helluva' nice guy.

grats to the sosomodern
guys on making it to sxsw this year

InformationStation - blog for third year special project students Otago

helvetica haiku - awesome

Fastline - a NZ advertising blog

Adobe CS3

RESN pick up a web award at SXSW

NZ Government Web Standards and Recommendations v1.0

TVNZ OnDemand.
High bandwidth, with a touch of Microsoft DRM!

the May 1 Reboot is happening again, and signups are now open.

Try not to sign james up again this year guys.

Black Sheep The Movie
We all need to move. Fast.

That 7 Laserdeck Skateboard Show link is hot James. See old school NZ hardcore Lee Ralph has joined the artist lineup.

My favourite online magazine of all time is back
- The Royal Magazine -

7 Laserdeck Skateboard Show
An exhibition allowing artists to explore the idea of lasering away at seven layers of ply that make a deck and add their own distinctive mark.

Stacks of Green is a Street/Skate/Fashion/Sneaker
/Design/Culture/Music/Crime Blog based in and mainly focused on the NZ scenes. Check it.

Adobe CS3 - 27 March!

Nice lil' flash site for 'Eagle vs Shark', directed by kiwi Taika Waititi, & if his movie is anything like his presentation at the last Aucks Semi-Perm it should be hilarious! ..the movie also features tunes from another kiwi Age Pryor.

It's very Web 2.0 of us, but here it is, Events for the Masses. Our way of letting everyone know which conferences they're off to and perhaps organise a meet up or 2.

Webstock mini - Tuesday 6th, March.
At the Paramount. WGTN.

Photoshop online?

Rankr? - NZ Website Ranking.

Wait wat?
Some of us are gonna get some money back from Telecom

The lads from RESN are up for 2 SXSW web awards. One for their own site, the other for the Blackseeds.

as expat andy biggs has discovered, people actually have a fair bit of spare time.

Restaurant Search / Wellington / Wellington City / Indian. Sweet!
It's Menu Mania I tells ya!

As you can see (Ctrl+R) We have had a wee makeover. Baby blue is the new grey! :-) The Tukutuku panels have have made a comeback. chur.
Submit one today!

Krugle - a source code search engine

Scoopit a NZ version of Digg, run by Scoop.

I'm sure this will all end well.

If you haven't been paying attention to the copyright amendment bill nows your chance to catch up

TradeMoi are after a designer of webs

This might be a Web 2.0 post


The Devil Dared Me To is to premiere at SXSW.

Well done Matt & Chris

greyscale n i c e . !

Google search robots straight from the horses mouth

...actually these pics are better //

some photos from 'Public Access'. An exhibition of NZ stencil based works, this month in Napier.

Sometimes, even I build websites!
La Bella Italia - Kingsdale Park
Natures Nurse - Paul Reddish

Microsoft's new creative suite

This isn'y good - an exploit in Vodaphone's prepay system.
via Spareroom

It's funny cause it's true - from adgoodness.

I recently finished a design portfolio site for academy award winning film production designer Grant Major with Shift. Pretty stoked with how it turned out in the end... check out his pencil sketches in the slideshows, talent.

Good friend of mine, Jason Peters live from ChCh city, Check his recently updated flash work.

Lots of love and Respect to DARCY for winning the Tokyo TDC.

Hey Ladies. YEN Magazine are after submissions for their 2007 CURVY event/book. So let's see that hot kiwi female talent! :-)

LAB | Mathieu Badimon
Experimental 3D laboratory in Flash.

Qantas Media Awards. 2007 will bring web categories. Don't think the TV3 website will be winning any awards anytime soon..

Time to empty the Inbox before 2007:
Super*Nature. digital photography art.
Thursday Night Curry. Get yr g33k on.

Shift really is the Shit. Hence their new poo colour homepage.

Helvetica the film.

The Herald (234 kb, 149 validation errors) and Stuff (416 kb, 161 validation errors) are about to drop a new design each, no doubt so they can both look more like this.
Will the files sizes and errors reduce with the new designs?

The FWA - People's Choice Award.
Try not to view the source..

Bendemeer a bit of a site we have been working on.

Otago University's Te Tumu school have released a choice interactive website to aid learning Te Reo

soft cuddly and they are destroying your neighbourhood ..... nice ! thanks pete

Neonsleep in Welly makes dope stuff.
Otis makes dope west coast style Tikis. Mia makes dope NZ tees.
//that is all.

Check out the controversial new viral ad that’s whipping up a media tsunami...

Time to put away limewire kids...
NZ Itunes Music Store is here

It's T-Shirt time, I hope.
Young Lovers + The Stitches

Tonight D&AD are hosting a presentation and screening.
(supported by DINZ and AUT)

18.00 @ AUT University, State of the Art Lecture Theatre, Wellesley Campus, Auckland
Email RSVP or ph: 09 529 1713

darron lilley is a super star.

Finally found the link .. AK Farmers Market

iTunes music store in NZ before the year end!?! - NZ Herald

another stadium option

I'm not the person to get published lately, Zef's persona article at boxes and arrows

9th Annual BadHorse Video Awards go down in Whanganui this weekend. While Grey Lynn Festival is on in AK. (Official Halloween flavoured site)

And for the starving designers - AK's new Farmers' Market starts this sat at the Britomart Precinct. Bring a bag.

Wellington company Catch gets a feature on campaign monitor's site

How to hire a Web Developer - the zefrank way.

Time to start thinking about
xmas cards....

Slow I know, but I only just noticed Pete got published.

Nice work mate.

Firefox 2

Oh god, it's out...
IE 7

clepe is a blog/portal for creative minds from NZ and AU

This is for the kids

The very beautiful photography & illustration of Kelly Thompson

The Webstock team are putting on a one day conference. A day workshop of CSS, a night of Web 2.0

The Waikato Uni Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design Degree Show is on again, featuring yours truly...

jonathan harris = amazing!

Forage Food Launches a new site.

Draft version of the E-govt guidelines. Don't like 'em, have your say (until the 31st of October).

The WellRailed group are having an intro session to rails on the 31st of October. If you've ever been interested this is the place to start.

Big Day Out Lineup is up...
so are false teeth that take over your mouse....

It's always happy hour somewhere

If WebDesigners are the new RockStars according to DesignCharts
that would make web2.0 the indie scene right?

the current number one [Self-Titled] does kick some serious ass tho

Umeric have updated. Syd based Kiwis. Hotness.

The White heron dairy blog.
Hat tip, spareroom

Clever idea using google maps...

Minti Clothing - Get some outfits for your little fella

Ever wondered about domain name disputes in .nz?
These are the decisions of those disputes.

New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing
Has a nice, new, almost valid XHTML 1.0 Strict website.

Brandish is good.

Lovely looking site, reload

James can't dance like this Little Superstar

I chose not to choose life.
I chose somethin' else.

Brave New World - nice flash site for a major branding firm

Flash beer !

Local blogger finds out Ferrit is making up reviews, local media pick up the story, Dom Post says it won't link to blogger. For shame!

Right Hemisphere get a $14 million interest-free loan from our Government so they can help Lockheed Martin build better missiles to kill more Muslims?

K10k have redesigned. Sadly, not back to the black version.

Don't Give Me Culture.

Karl may not have posted here for a while, nevertheless his Light Tracer project is pretty bloody cool.

Orcon have a new look.
So does

Goodnight Kiwi

Best Awards 2006 - the winners

Charlie's have a cool, refreshing new website. Thanks to the good people at fracture

MTV is here.

Since FTM is my current full time job at the moment I'll be adding some new features over the next couple of week, but here's one to get you started, the
Jobs RSS feed

in Gizzy for New Years?
Check out
Rhythm & Vines

So another NZ Semi-Permanent is done and dusted.
Now it's time to discuss

The boys at RESN have a new look. Wucked.

iserve about to sue customer for using phpnuke.
While I agree phpnuke users should be banned from the internet, this is going a little to far.

1999 now open for voting at fwa:
Damn, talk about no contest. I can't fathom how yugo did that way back in 1999.
One of my favourite sites of all time. respect.


Please vote for my boy Flackie from Strategy! He's been entered (by his workmates) in Cleo Agency Bachelor of the Year, ..but a couple more votes might just tip the scales haha!

Schbleuh! - portfolio site of
Romain Perin

The 10th Anniversary of Flash
Vote for the Most Influential Flash Sites of the decade

The Web Developers Association of New Zealand (WDANZ)
I give them 12 months..

Hi, I’m a web2.0 designr card! .

Who says there's a bubble?

Some strong work in various disciplines from Marek Suchanski aka, his new site fresh out the oven.

..In other news, I am now a Wellingtonian!

Pink's U + Ur Hand Video is a rip-off of Illicit ?

Ak Saatchis have been busy... Worth the Pain /YoungGuns awards site

Enter a URL, it launches a new window styled to resemble a Word Document window.

Stay on top of your game with
60 AJAX tutorials

hot damn.

Becky Nunes super photography portfolio gets an update, care of the nice people at Seven

My eyes! The goggles, they do nothing!

Nathan Hall - graphic / web designer from The Bay of Hawke's

New site - for Christchurch's 2006 Body Festival.
The Body

Time Breakdown of Modern Web Design

Ever wanted to synergize a web 2.0 application in real time? Try the Microshaft Web 2.0 Framework!

Great new tool from Google Labs. Accessible Web Search for the Visually Challenged. This should separate the men from the boys with no Alt tags or Doctypes..

Sarah Brown - Grungy flash website. Complete with friendly spider.

Web 2.0 or Star Wars Character?

NZ Art Monthly - Nice art work. Not to sure on the site design however...

Watermark - Many good illustrators.

McNamara Gallery in Wanganui

Kiwi FM re-launched today.
Back in Brown in stores today.

3 weeks till the 2006 Handle the Jandal DIY Music Video competition closes. Krafthaus created some amazing titles for the 05 competition, check their 'Jandalmentary' under the new work section.
..the slick directing/design work of Rollo Wenlock.

Build Media have their heads screwed on right when it comes to design smooth looking industrial websites

When Geeks Go Bad - Christiaan Briggs:
His Flickr page, His Blog, etc, etc.

Ladies and Gentlemen
Just when the World Wide Web couldn't get any more wicked awesome:
Homestar Runner Wiki

I guess we miss these sorts of neat
advertising campaigns
down in Dunedin.
Produced by cbbdo nz apparantly, who
seem to have a new flash site
with some
pretty schweet audio design to boot.
Even though the concept isnt completely original, I still dig it.

phear the awesomeness!

Mt Hutt - Coronet Peak - The Remarkables - new site with interactive trail maps - if anyone cares

Missed Webstock? We'll here's all the presentations

Google map NZ satellite update where you can't see my place thanks to cloud cover, but you can see James' car! (always knew you could see that thing from space)

Cool idea! One of a kind bags made in New Zealand from recycled billboards

Adobe Live
Auckland Town Hall
July 20 & 21
free entry but registrations willl be closing fast.

Wanganui School of Design OPEN DAYS
You are invited to come along and view the student work that has been produced by our June 2006 Graduating classes.
20 June - 4 July 2006.
Terrace House. Corner Wicksteed Street and Cameron Terrace, Wanganui

the Waikato BCGD degreeshow is on again. Check it out if youre in the locale.

If you were at webstock a few weeks ago you would have seen bob's song, well now the lyrics have been uncovered!

asap productions

Quite a nice design, old duffy design

PIXABOY Mundial - pre World Cup pixel fun!

Site by imille Milan, Italy.

If your like me and have drawn a crap team in the office pool, there is always..
TVNZ Virtual World Cup Football !!!
I'm "Joe Cooper" btw :-) - nice bit of eGov action from Good Use.
Quarry Group - clean, simple wee site from Catch Design.

OooO! A new/old look for us.
We've basically tied in all the sections together. Any bugs see the insight thread (looks like I'll be spending my queens birthday fixing them!)

Webstock was a great sucess. Well done to everyone involved. Now we can look foward to Semi-Permanent in Auckland. Speakers now listed on the SP website.

super-super-slick (community) site that uses a plugin for your media player of choice to collect the tracks that you listen to and suggest new bands based on people with similar tastes.
Generates an rss feed of what you are listening to as well.

ex-FTMer, Grant Robinson has made a really nice design the desktop widget Trafficwatch.

The Netguide award winners 2005 validation tests

Good bye Wises, hello google maps nz

If you see the lovely Rachel Cunliffe at Webstock next week. Buy her a drink.
She deserves it.

Aaron Beck - Freelance conceptual artist, Illustrator, animator, photographer frm th 04

somehow the new issue of The Royal Magazine slipped out without me noticing.

Inspiring stuff

just finished off I Want Straight Hair for a client

In Wellington? Interested in meeting people, discussing Ruby on Rails, eating pizza and drinking beer?
Come along to WellRailed.

Give life to a Mayfly. (flash)
You've prob seen the tv advert, ...I wonder how much K-OS was paid for use of his track!

big-ups and shout-outs to springload, on winning a Webby for the NZ International Arts Festival site.

Brand new site for Sydney Digital Agency Fluoro

I thought when Will Smith used the word "Jiggy" it was permanantly uncool? ..Anyway, is a fresh new site that allows any kiwi musician to upload original tracks, which can then be purchased online via a mobile phone.

Coming to a nerdy street in wellington near you, The XHTML Millennium Falcon.

Commune NZ t-shirts etc

In AK, straight after webstock, International Graffiti competition Write4gold hits K road (May 27). In association with Disruptiv and Molotow / woohoo, bouncy castles and breakdancing battle included!

Bronz Clothing NZ urban clothing brand.
Clean, simple site with a nice range.

Semi-Permanent Auckland Site now up! New venue this year, the Aotea Centre will be where it's at on the 19th of August

Closet - Buy band/artist merchandise, clothing made by local designers.

The winners of Semi Competitive have been announced,
worth a look, especially at the illustration winner

CSS redesign competition at Slashdot!

animated gifs! aye wat?
Huffer autumn/winter collection.

David Read Photography
Manual Magazine
The Package
Alcoholic Clothing
A selection of photos by French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand were recently on display at Waitangi Park in Wellington. If you missed out, be sure to check him out Online

Docvert - convert your Word docs to HTML or XML.

Whoever was responsible for turning Zebos into a fucking “Wine Bar” should be shot. But The Cross does have a nice site. So almost all is forgiven.

Send Your Style a creative platform from Loreal, smoothly executed by HKI

Gothic Punk - underground creative kiwis _ apparently_

BEST Awards. This years site is up. Entries close - Friday 09 June 2006, 5pm.

Pizza Hut have a new ordering system. is it as good as Hell's? Should we care?

On currently in Welly, coming soon to AK World Cinema Showcase with one of my favourite movies, Ghost In The Shell.

Guess what kids! The NetGuide Best Youth Site for 2006, has Adult Content. Hu?? Will someone please think of the children!!

New look


Gareth is moving to Australia. go check out his portfolio now

Absorb redesign. It's full of tableless, valid XHTML, Kiwi design goodness for all!

interesting to note that the dark part on the top graphic of that schmooze site has been lifted clean from the main flash page at Design Chapel,
sure its just a background element and im being picky...

along the lines of social networking sites : 18 tracker is another similar effort.

Schmooze is a social networking site for young pros. But mind the heavy Telescum linkage. It might be a trap...

some nice stuff on the blog circuit lately:
Josh Spear

Got my earlybird tickets to Webstock yesterday. I suggest you do the same. Times running out!

Hell Pizza proves hell isnt a pretty place but its goddamn functional.

official site: siones wedding

Enlighten - redesign.
ideasonideas - new design blog.

The new Lime Design website.
From yours truly.

Victoria University's School of Design gives us Design Led Futures. Showcase of work from its industrial design students.
link stolen from bbd

Karen Walker has a lovely font. and a nice site.

Very cool, candid interview with Joshua Davis during his recent trip to New Zealand for SPARK. He also features in the latest issue of Wired.

Stuff buys Ebay New Zealand.
Now the big question is how long untill Sam buys a Lamborghini then crashes it in a 50 zone?

Some fresh Wellington produce from the boys at candywhistle

Looks like lots of fun & beer James!

95bFM are SXSW Web Awards Finalists. Nice one Matt and co at cactuslab
I'm back from Europe. It was primo. Lot's of very nice people, food, drugs etc. cheesy tourist photos here

Quicksilver + Mazda 5 =
The Design version of pimp my ride?

been working here for the last year -
Design & Communication studio

Secondsphere in Wellys are doing
some decent flash work.. Like, lets go Cruisin' with Lee Tamahori!

+ David @ day2day has updated his portfolio site. Check it.

Google on Web Authoring Stats.
You'll need Firefox 1.5 (or another browser that supports SVG).

Disruptiv launch their "new and improved super-dooper website"

yet another mac software plug
x Gestures - Mouse Gestures for OSX
hot damn!

The kids at DIK are running SemiCompetitive
- $25k in prizes to be won
and also taking Entries for Curvy Mag 3 (chicks only)

Due for a repost -
Sticks and Stones tshirts

web 2.0 at its finest -
a slick personalised homepage setup that makes use of the module

Been using sidejobtrack for a while now, it really is a fantastic free web-based service..
"job tracking, invoicing, reporting & project management software for the part-time independent contractor"

Nice one Chris.
web2.0 - Try Ruby on Rails
free textures - Mayang's Texture library
sweet art app - artrage 2

Jarred updates with a smooth lil' flash overview portfolio. Nice one bruv.

Dan Gordon fills us in some more about the Maori Tattoo Joshua Davis got while he was in NZ at SPARK last year.

Was in Brisbane over the new year & come across the work of melbourne based Ricky Swallow "evolution, scientific exploration, popular culture, consumerism and collapsing time"

..was also lucky enough to meet American poet Saul Williams."He's no Gangsta, and he doesnt Bling"

Thats a beautiful site James, well done Hamish at catch.

Jesus I Was Evil.. Until I checked out
Soul Purpose New Zealand's largest faith-based youth culture magazine.

The cg work of Stefan Morrell

Pete Circuitt has released a new promo for band Plastic Operator

....and that was our google,
this year - 2005

The Church help BCNZ celebrate xmas

It's clever design company xmas card season! Here's one from the team at Reactive. Send me yours and I'll stick it up

electricheat photoshoppin' up a storm.

The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web is a fantastic idea for an online book.

has a quite nice website really.

It's Monkey Madness on C-Place right now

A quick search finds that we have not linked-up Creature - New Zealand Design

Godspeed Bernard Roundhill

"The founding father of commercial art in New Zealand" and designer of many classic and iconic kiwi brand images - Bernard Roundhill has passed away.
If you are in Absolutely-Positively-land there's an exhibition of his work currently on at Te Papa, good time to go and pay homage.

We are hiring

Vote for Brett's.. errh.. La collection Bordel

Student Job Search update

The New Zealand Comics Wiki.
Ah the memories of pistake and Karl Wilis threatening to gut me like a fish. *sigh*

Free Podcasts from the Sept 05 AIGA Design Conference.
Some are really worth a listen while you work if u get the chance.

submissions for the semipermanent 06 book are open,
it says deadline is january 30 but they'll close it earlier.

say no to IE
Firefox 1.5

Telecom just launched a product search site, a 'yellow pages' for products if you will. Not quite ecommerce yet but that is their intention eventually.
Pretty nice I'd have to say, and lightning quick.


Award winning Kiwi creative AJ Newman presents Engine4. + You can catch him on the odd episode of MTV's Pimp My Ride.

Meridian Energy Annual Report
slick mixture of flash, video and interactive graphics approach to your classic, nicely printed annual report.

I've often wondered how those child hackers manage to find time to crack the latest software, evade the Feds and the National Guard, plus do their homework AND make those crazy three-dimensional ASCII signatures! Now at least one of these mysteries is solved with the discovery of this. Check out the 'poison' font - it's the phat beats!

Christmas is upon us, and apparently the May 1 Reboot is as well?

Claimed Kiwi & Designer, David Trubridge speaks on affluenza and morals as a designer in todays Society.
(audio expires 22.11.05)

Mephisto Jones finally has a full portfolio site up, ..and its seeek mate, check those sketches!! dope.

NZ International Arts Festival
24th feb - 19th mar 2006 Journal #1 online demo of their first publication. It documents the last year of the community.

The worlds best animated gif

WEBSTOCK May 2006 - WGTN Town Hall.
New Zealand's first major web conference features renowned international speakers.
This is going to be huge, Register Now!

New Zealand - no one on TV could get the address right last night, but it looks nice tho.

here's a great link, just in time for World Usability Day!
New TV3 website!
Warning: The following code may not be suitable to.. anyone.
Viewer discretion is advised.

the degree show from the Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design program @ Waikato Uni is on in Hamilton, worth a look.

Lugz vs Apple.
Somewhere some Art Director is pissing his pants.

World Usability Day - Events will be taking place in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch that day. Support It! We are :-)

Threadless has been getting some Auckland action
check the Glen Jones Interview, maybe buy a few shirts no?

A new look E.govt

while we're on the subject of mac software, aperture looks pretty good to me. now all I need is a mac.

Sorry to flood the news with mac software and no gig websites,
but Camino Is an awesome mozilla browser built for mac. Runs like firefox does on my pc

Continuing the theme of music festivals, this one is most exciting to myself and hopefully all other music loving, southern dwelling folk.

Southern Amp

Can't wait!

decent new site for Rippon 06.

And how can I play snake on this then?
- The Bang + Olufsen rotary cellphone
... or something

Seasons Travel - cute travel site by Sam

Nice site for Big Day Out 2006.

- Is acting like the solutions to all my font managment problems and best off its freeeeeee oh but i think it may be only for mac.

Beanman - Under the Weta!
Save Auckland from a Giant Weta. Fuck. launches a new look. Shame it doesn't validate...

KIWIFLASH 2005 CONFERENCE | Flash Robotics Electronics - What The Fuck!?!?
If you wanted to go boys and girls, your've lucked out. it's today.

Huh Corp - "If you call our office, the phone will be answered by a very disinterested intern, giving you the impression that we're too important to talk to you. Because we are."

5 Designers 5 Lunchtimes 5 Fridays - free lunchtime talks by leading New Zealand designers. Today it's Wellington architect Ian Athfield

If wearing nzgirl clothing is suppose to help remind young women about positive female role models that don't use just their bodies to become successful, why does Kate Sheppard, Nancy Wake and Jean Batten all not have there original bodies?

Clemenger BBDO - Have a fun site, but ya might want to drop that frame and wack-in a title tag, so we all know who you are :-)

...Banksy described Israel's West Bank barrier as "the ultimate activity holiday destination for graffiti writers".

candy culture

Suk & Koch - Violet Suk & Martin Koch create visual content in broadcast design, music videos, films and commercials.

Traffick catalogue has been printed. email them your postal address and they will send one out.

Before you cast your vote on Saturday. Read this: For the Masses Election Special

UCON - Architecture Acrobatics
European clothing brand, site made in NZ

Zef's blog comments on design and the user experience in NZ - including Trade Me, PhotoPost, political billboards and more...

stumbled across this archive of new zealand fonts and designers the other day, very nice.
The New Zealand Font Scene


We just won a best award for Te Ara!

Shift Auckland's recently disembarked Ross Howard gets his hi-res image printing article published on alisapart.

the very inspiring ...
James Tindall

Josh Robenstone - new photography site completed by city-artists

Pollitiks Make your own national billboard

Big Ideas come out of Big Pencils...

best use of flash ive seen in a looong time Enjoy Green Grass

gvisit, lets you track (the last 20) visitors to your website using Google Maps.
..then you can stalk your site visitors & track em down 'enemy of the state' style

Some random photos & notes from Josh Davis's presentation @ Spark 05, in Hamilton last Tuesday.
..The man has since added a Moko on his left hand to his body ink collection.

speaking of flash sites and galleries that are too cool for school...
Dope Awards - Damn.

Nice gallery site ... Kultureflash

A viral piece I worked on for the film WEDDING CRASHERS ....

hair express

Reconfine - my site in the hands of
Damon (stentoria) and Mike (ludosabato) will swap you some clothes for a design.

Spark 05
Tuesday 23 August - Saturday 27 August Wintec, Hamiltron, NZ
First speaker on day 1 - Joshua Davis

Best Design Finalists. Big ups to Shift and Te Ara.

Bran spanking new site site for bbdo worldwide.
You can zoom in on the *distorted & strange looking* NZ map, and check out some Wellington and Auckland work.

caught this useful application for managing rss feeds on OSX:
rss reader for the menu bar

One for mum. Musical Kiwi kids with a cute website too. The Sorecocks.

Can you resist the click?
Very interesting flash navigation.

Nice sketches by Mr Barnaby Ward.

I (heart) this program

finally finished this site for Team Seven Hair Salons

Flash Player 8 Beta
Appears to make things run a whole heap better and also sort out a few of the current issues... font aliasing etc. etc.

Represent Creative Conference Sydney, 14th -15th Oct.
Featuring kiwis2005-07-25 13:31:49

Next time a client asks you to make a billboard from your web artwork, use this

Free NZ Shorts August 6 & 7 Auckland

Interesting animation from
' P E S '

Supporting local music:
Not the nicest design in the world, but has just been launched today.

TV2 Tonight - 11:25pm
trailer [.mov 1.2MB]

This is awesome...

"Motion tracking, computer vision technology and a custom C++ application are used to record and analyze a graffiti writer’s pen movement over time. ..which appear at night in motion on the surfaces of buildings in New York City"

A graffiti project makes its mark without leaving one.

Check em' all out: ni9e

I need a Photographer URGENTLY to take a couple of pics for a local mag. Must be in WGTN. Must be after 5pm TODAY
(or tomorrow morning) email me!

mid west is best
Portfolio of Michael Perry, check the newest pages.

minimovies - link stolen from bFM email :-)

It's a friday kind of link.... which is
rather good

"You are staring at the sourcecode of RES72 design portal, which is a good indication that you have no life."
How did they know? RES72 redesign.

NZ based game developers 89 Games.

Mmm... Cheese On Toast

Forward this to all your clients: How to handle a web deisgner

New NZ t-shirt compnay STICKS&STONES

The Directors Label - The work of Directors Anton Corbijn, Jonathan Glazer, Mark Romanek & Stephane Sednaoui.
Volumes 4-7 Released SEPT 2005

The Usability Professionals' Association is running a survey to gather information on usability professionals, including employment/salary information. The survey is open to all who work in the field, whether a UPA member or not.

Good morning .... interesting work from ...
jamie dobson

Lumiere at the Telecom New Zealand International Film Festival. With festival tickets to give away and what-have-you.

Mystery Kiwi contributer Glennz, running things @ Threadless with his class illustrations.

Some photos from the 'Aotearoa Beats' seminar in Wellington on Saturday.
Feat. Loop, Dawn Raid, Disruptiv & Inject.
Part of 'the new cool' seminar series.

"I guess that hopelessness is what i'm trying to capture" ...artcoup updates.

It's the Biggest Blockbuster to be filmed in Hutt Park/Seaview since Shaker Run!

NOISE in partnership with the Qantas Spirit of Youth Awards is offering young artists the chance to win $10,000 in cash + travel!

I can see the glenfield mall from here! - is starting to add Satellite images of New Zealand cities.

Sauron in Space!

a couple of days left to submit to Design a Post-it® competition.

create your own "laka"

Campbell Wins US Open *Golf Clap*

studios inc is a small group of hyper talented designers, whose core skills branch through all forms of visual and digital communication.

Use Photoshop CS? You might want to patch it..

How to turn your dual-monitor PC into a dual mac-PC system

The Web Standards Group is having another meeting on the 16 June in Wellington and Dan is presenting

The New Cool - "We gotta get jobs. Then we get the money, then we get the Khakis.. Then we get the girls!"

The Wilderness Animalise Sticker Project

Askew: Live from Uptown. New solo show Thursday the 9th of June at Disrupt Gallery from 6.30pm!

Studio Blue Fish - New flash site for photographer Malcolm Brow, joint project by Day and Rejthar

Apple moving to Intel? Cats and dogs living together? Macromedia and Adobe merging, oh wait!

I cant remember If I posted this up earlier or not but its worth a relink if I did:


Remember last year the story about the New Zealand Film Commission website that couldn't be created in New Zealand because nobody had the techinical skill to do it?

Well it's finally launched.


Bar owner refuses to stock the 42 below vodka, because of what he viewed as shameless pandering to the gay. In response, Libonati received a nasty e-mail from Below 42 president James Dale.

I love this song, Politician by Kora. They have a website too.

Design Camp 7 - Photos from day 1 and 2. Plus a Design Ball that may have resulted in a few unwanted teen pregnancies.

Mister Cartoon is responsible for a lot of Hop Hop's famous tattooed bodies & custom type treatments.
Check the trailer for his movie 'INK', in production.

The Art of the Book Jacket
Very basic CSS site, but the content in this online exhibition is worth checking
out... some beautiful old designs.

some lickety links I scrawled during design camp ... The Robinz | Remo | Sony SCL

Web essentials conference in Sydney.

"Here's to you Britain you ginger headed jewel of the Atlantic!"
- 42 below

We enjoyed Design Camp - what did you think of it all?

Design Survival Camp Wanganui
MAY 20-21. 2005

Semi-Permanent London
JUN 10-11. 2005

The Japanese designer who made his business out of monkeys. old article yes, but, is he (or you) a designer or a stylist? Style vs Design.

This dude created his own mac - G5 Cube. Big ups.

Jeffrey Docherty. New publication works and identities.
Tinakori Gallery. Looking much better than when Brett and I attacked it with Tables 3 years ago.

ad agency Bendita from Rio de Janeiro

Soo much hot NZ work! i think my heads gonna explode:


These need to be on the FTM Ministry of Links.

Why havent i seen this before!?

Aaron Beck
Now this guy can draw!

Link stolen from Sticky.

Catch Design - So Standard Based it's not funny.. They even have girls at the office not a bad catch eh!
Catch Design. Click Here

His name is Juicy.

Lots to explore at
by Chris Waind in Christchurch.

A little graphic communication company in Takapuna called visual gets all risky on it.
All Flash and hard to use. I love it.

Get your New Zealand OSX Icons - (Link stolen from mac guide)
NZ OSX Icons

Nektar is a creative production agency based in Wellingon. Watch this space.
Dunedin based artist Odette Seagar makes beautiful work.

Translation From PR-Speak to English of Selected Portions of Adobe's 'FAQ' Regarding Their Acquisition of Macromedia.

Something to think about during NZ Music Month. Bring Back Z.
"and please no more Dei Hamo." Exactly

Best Design Awards time again.
Entries close - Friday 10 June 2005

Re-Imagining Apple:
Apple Gear We Hope to See.
The project was led by Robert Brunner, who was Apple's chief designer from 1989 to 1996.

Last chance (1 day) to submit an idea & win big bucks.

Quicktime Player - File > Open URL >



Hasn't Chrometoaster done a good job of the weta workshop site?

tangerine - don't think I have linked-up a site from Porirua before.
1st time for everything I guess.

Sometimes it just feels good to get a little warm sun on my helmet.
Christ! Even Darth Vader has a blog.

(and yes it is better than we expect Episode 3 to be)

ha har. "TardMe" :-)

Stylegala ★

Tard Me

Dunedin artist Simon Kaan.

Adobe to acquire Macromedia.
Click'a Here


Some updates over at Eagle Graphics.

Also, stole this link from Eagle... the worlds first WOODEN laptop. yes.

Today is the official launch of The Nomad website:

Ok, ill post this once and once only.
Ive finally put what resembles a basic portfolio together..


//end shameless self promotion.

Woo Hoo! Design Survival Camp 7
"Third world economy, first world design"
May 20-21, 2005. Wanganui, New Zealand.

Register now. It's sure to be a hoot and a holla :-)

Plugging a friend.. Chirstchurch based flash designer Jason Peters 'jp3design'.
Look out for his new-look Blindspott site.

Armageddon - Pulp Culture Expo is this weekend in WGTN. Soap and Deodorant optional. Green text on Black background compulsory!

Wellington based photographer Andy Morley-Hall.
“I like to incorporate a level of ambiguity or intrigue that doesn't give the viewer all the answers.”

And just incase your too lazy to scroll down and look to your left, make sure you check out Heat Creative, a new addition to the links, and a damn nice portfolio.

Theres been an update at Disruptiv for a while too, just forgot to tell y`all

The Moving Image Centre (MIC) promotes a dynamic and growing culture of media-arts practice in Auckland and New Zealand.

Kiwi Phil Keoghans latest TV project.

What's your aspiration? Your vision? Your greatest idea? What would you do if
you had 72 hours, $3,000 and the opportunity to live that dream?

Moose Syrup ..hope this ain't to much Flash for you all on a Monday morning.

Everybody aims to provide useful and accurate consumer health information for New Zealanders. It is written by medical writers and reviewed by consumer health organisations and health professionals

The Best Of The Web link library from Bobby van der Sluis. An amazing resource

Rebelstate, comprises primarily of Auckland based Mark Garrity. A very nice portfolio

Disc Gear, a variety of rather nice media storage products., at very affordable prices. (Site by rebelstate)

Detonate have an impressive portfolio. (Site again by rebelstate)

I caught the new Gorillaz video on select late last night. Thought it was pretty good

Because of crap like this you need to update your Flash privacy settings

The Better by Design Directory is now up and running. "The one-stop-shop for businesses wishing to utilise design-led thinking." Sign-up now!

DLOCK updates his studio site.....

i accidentally clicked the flower icon again in illustrator and stumbled across Adobe Creative Suite 2 (CS2)
Im outdated already.
I hate that flower icon

Andrew tells me he's updated his site

hot stuff as usual

quite a funny viral fame for pringles

ASB are Rebranding

Gmail (google email)
has increased the storage capacity of its inbox to 2 Gigabytes.

I have like 50 invites so if you want one
email me with the words "gmail infidel to the west my nigga" in the subject line.
or whatever strikes your fancy really

zembla magazine .... happy friday!

Old buddies of mine Jacqui Colley and Bruce Foster are after a Art Director & Graphic Designer to join them at airplane

In case you didnt see it down below:
Romain Perin, Ventilateur. ...freaky fresh. (Auckland)

ourcommon is the design portfolio
of Peter Reid from California.
Not to be confused with the Peter Reid from Huyton. "F**k! f**k f**k f**k"

now available at IdN PRO Shop

ive got a few pieces in the assemblage exhibition at platform 01 (grey st, hamilton , on the river side with the shops)

theres a little collage party happening there from 1-4 this sunday (3rd april) youre all welcome to that as well.

Fairly cool use of Flickr, Firefox and geourl.

semipermanent feature - sketchel

new work up at prate

"When a man holds a thing well made, there is a connection, there is completeness…"
KLIM (nz) a type and graphic design studio
run by Kris Sowersby.

Banksy strikes again, the guy has balls.

Persuade! change! influence!

PSYOP and their brains as 'Meme' nests.

Check out the Propaganda section, cutesy animated characters with a message.

Ladies and Gentlemen.
Chrometoaster brings you...
"The Hutt"

Some pics I took at the Sydney
Semi-Permanent conference
. Personally I really enjoyed this one, the best yet imo.
Highlights were Ed Templeton, Psyop & Weta.

Responsible for the homegrown skate/snow video, Cause and Effect, Bugz Productions have quite a nice site.

Some nice furnishings at Bromhead Design, brought to you by Pear.

365 days of snow!

"you could do some choice bombs" [mpg]

Christchurch Creative Industries - launch their new website designed to assist creative practitioners to be better connected.
fuel4arts - Marketing tools and ideas to take your art further.

The Next Big Thing in Online Type. This is all a bit to much for young James to take in this morning. Very hung-over...

cocobongo artworks - graphic, illustration, motion-graphics and interactive media. From Barcelona ESP

Creative New Zealand leading by example.
New design which validates.

Here's the forum where you can ask questions to Jordan Crane, from Semi-Permanent 05

Another year, another great Semi-Permanent.

Photos and you'll be able to ask Jordan Crane your questions on Tuesday. Until then what did you think of this years semi-perm?

Right. Viva Auckland, Semi-Permanent05 here we come! Make sure you also check out CURVY II at Superette, Freemans Bay. Friday night starting at 6pm.

If you also think Logic 7 is the best thing since sliced bread...then don't miss the 'Express Yourself' Apple Creative event.
Register here for Aucks, or email Scott to register interest in attending the events in Welly's, ChCh, or Duds.

100% kiwi is the Moneyshot empire.
An original way of displaying the tee line on their site... loving this print/desktop.

May 1st CSS reboot - yeah, seriously.

absorb - It's always nice to know we are not the only ones pimping NZ design.
iBOLG - Handy new portal full of beautiful sites. Submit your url now!

Calme updates with some great illustration + motion work

Lino Magazine is a nice little OZ/NZ magazine.

The final issue of CBC RADIO 3 featuring some of the slickest photography and music AND navigation ive seen in a while

traffick updates, check her out.

May 1st REBOOT 2005 - Sign up now
Yahoo! Netrospective - 10 years of.. Yahoo!!

Thee most clever navigation using Flash ive seen in a loong time:
Click each image to zoom in & hear/see the photographer himself comment on each photo.

Semi-Permanent Diesel Wall competition
You have a chance to win a trip to Italy and some Diesel gear so make sure to get your entry in asap!

Cactuslab v2.0 Now has much love for web standards and less love for Connect 4 time-wasting! Get Back To Work :V

why was I wasting my time at the cricket, when I could have been checking our inbox?! Robert Sluzaly - - silence tv - aab land - Kev Speck

The Semipermanent Program is out today.

No Build :(

Not kiwi work, but check the photography of Sacha Waldman.
A lot of touching up, but amazingly rich images.

The affordable art show is back on.

Auckland Festival '05 + Cuba St Carnival

RIP Hunter S

$dumbJoke("redesign vatican longtime")

Semi-Permanent Update:
New speakers confirmed - dixonbaxi (Simon Dixon and Aporva Baxi ex Attik) - Jordan Crane and Bryan Collins (Wolff Olins)

The evil, scum suckers at the IRD redesign! Nice site maggots...

Today is not a day for feel good journalism.

The amazing talents of Peter Circuitt - ' BITSTATE '

Did you know there's a Maori version of wikipedia?

"throw your dogs up"
Huffer nose poetry winners announced.

features nice work from Büro Destruct.

Right, we've been back up for a few days and I've managed to get some sleep now we want your feedback. Got any requests? Found a bug?

All this talk of semi-permanent has reminded me of last years speakers, especially MK12 who have finally released a trailer for The history of America.

Auckland broadcast company ' kaleidoscope '

we just launched an encyclopedia

Contemporary UK artist Oliver Marsden nice!

3 days left on the
A Home For Clouds Pin Contest

...I'm back, 2000 emails later:
1. Kasper Ledet Young Danish designer
2. Real X Interactive sound productions
3. output need a Senior Designer
4. Webesteem Cards Late xmas card?
5. Ben Lampard Kiwi fresh back from uk

Oh, also, it's a bit of an early bird post, but design survival camp 7 is coming up. May 20-21. Hooray!
Whippersnappers check out the NZ Design Idol Competition

Mwah ha ha

keep March 12 free.
semipermanent is up at Auckland again

wishing you all a merry xmas and a great 2005

Decemberween 04

Well have a good christmas everyone, here's my present for those that a working through the holidays, a fine lookin flash site.

MN8 - Fine arts graduates from Whitecliffe who have made their best artworks available for purchase.
Late Christmas present perhaps?

some seriously hot stuff coming from Andrew up in Auckland --- Calme ---

Escape Rentals NZ, rolling artworks for Tourists who want to travel in style.
What a great idea! ..Not sure who is responsible for all the works, but I
recently spotted one here in Dunedin that Misery had hit up.

friday games...
guess box!

Drop it like its hot.
Heat Creative, worthy of a re-post, some fun stuff in the playground section.
Fish n clips NZ music vid archive.
Quality QT's from all their Directors.

Look out for the new one from Chris Graham... "This one is a big dance anthem, we did cars, now dance with hot girls and guys. ...and humour, of course." he tells me.

new The Royal Magazine Issue 4
Vault 49 has some supernice gear and illustration up.

like summer isnt at the moment.

Hasn't been updated in quite some time, but theres still a lot of amazing work at Sijun

Artspace have announced a winner for their 'natioanl drawing award', Auckland artist Andrew McLeod. Tho its not much fun viewing detailed illustrations at that small thumbnail size.

Denim and dreams...flash online campaign by diesel

Congrats to kiwi illustrator Nadia Hunt for making into the 2005 calendar.

NZ Bodyboarding is alive & well...

Check out the North Island premier (15th
Dec) of 'One Hundred Reasons', the latest film from young NZ filmaker Hayden Parsons. DVD Menu by Blackspade.

Hi im a longtime listner first time caller of FTM and want to say that its good to be here...thanks FTM crew for providing tasty links for all this time. is a web-mag for london kiwis to check out the state of global kiwi culture and whats going on locally.

Tasty site design styles by delete

Are You Generic? Giving brand-america the finger since 2001. Good on ya' mate.

Play Huffer Nose Poetry
At this time of the year, it makes sense.

also stumbled upon this rather good nz media site while checking out your last post james.

that font used on the top makes me grind my teeth tho...

Zion Studio - Slick works of Robert Calvet

secondsphere - Home of Wellington designer Philip Williams. beautiful photography and very classy portfolio.

I very seldom self-promote on ftm, but please make sure you check out the new Trentham site I finished yesterday, yay! :-)

flamous - great new site especially for the NZ actionscript community.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
NZ Herald redesigns
So bad it warrants an insight discussion

Design - A - Pin competition
running now on ahomeforclouds, win apparell and music stuff.

also you could possibly submit those missed designs for the semipermanent book to DIK's emptymag

Irony Alert: Carly Binding Saying how cool her ibook is while her music plays in a Microsoft ad


oh this is the best thing ever - from Grant Robinson (lost pixel). Launch it on the right of his site.


If you leave things to the last minute as I do, and were working on something for the Semi-permanent book, I have some bad news for you. Hardly seems very fair to change a publicly announced submission date. :(

Destination Northland - Time to get your holiday on!

The Reinventing TVNZ blog.
Should be worth keeping an eye on.

Unique architecture website for Wellington architecture company Foster Architects. Liking the navigation styles. Site by RSN.

Ive spent the last 6 months coding this Art Community with a friend and its finally released now. free space for your art work aye!
A Home For Clouds

Orry is doing an MA (arts and design) at AUT, focusing on interactivity and play, his Flash thesis site is now online.

Mike Orduña aka Fatoe from LA, updates with a hot splash page, & some slick work for Reebok & Tony Hawks.

Wellington Web Standards Group meeting. 9 Dec, 6pm - 8pm @ e-vision Centre.
And this might make a good topic of discussion that night. This is our last transmission re the farce that is the netguide awards, well until next year :-)

Finally found the finalists of the netguide awards. The awards are dished out tonight. And someone please make sure this guy doesn't have anything to drink :-)

Converge - a great sounding conference in Christchurch from the 29 of may to the 3rd of June.

Certainty - A Contemporary Dance Multi Media ...what have you. At Bats, on now.

traffick site updatez.
Trouble at Pt Erin pools indeed!

Designing a better plan for progress:

Nice site.

winners society
The best site ive seen for a long long time

There are bigger things to worry about James! FOR THE MASSES IS UNDER ATTACK!!!

"TVNZ's website has made the finals in four categories in New Zealand's premier annual web awards."

381 Errors.

Three Hundred and Eighty One.

Sure not every site can come back with no validation errors. But a site that was built no more than 6 months ago?

killing some time while I wait for Adaware to cleanse my hard drive of spyware.
stumbled across this:
Re:DC great design and illustration.

...156 potentially harmful files recognized and still going. sigh.

What Sam really meant to say was...
"'I think the puppet on the left is more to my liking"

The BBC News US elections map looks to be the way to go today. Good luck everyone. It's going to be a long day!

Dragen! Matthew Buchanan plants some GE Free, Homegrown NZ goodness in the CSS Zen Garden :-)

I don't know if I should laugh or cry

The Soup Incident

Job Post: Junior Designer. 6 week contract, with more long-term possibilities (at Fracture, the greatest company in the world) Pref 1 year commercial experience. Good HTML skills essential, experience with Flash preferred.

Email urls to: nick at

Want to be in the next Semi-Permanent book? Yes you do.

New Photo Ipod and a special U2 ipod

Four long-haired kids from Cambridge very much owe their careers to this man.
John Peel RIP is a new online boutique offering limited editions and rare products.
Was great to catch up with Doug while he was in WGTN on his whirlwind visit to NZ. There was a lot of CSS love in the house :-)

from the makers of nzidolblog comes Street Talk - The unofficial fansite of Shortland Street. enjoy :-)

some competition somewhere not that you'd want to enter and have your a4 artwork shown at artspace on k - road or want to win $1000 and a new phone and get your work printed in a mag. no, you'd want to not enter and give me a better chance of winning wouldnt you.
yes you would

the entry forms go up monday or so ive been told
in conjunction with physicsroom chch

Ozzies don't vote for Howard or that other guy. Vote to enslave New Zealand!

My Eyes! The Goggles, They Do Nothing! Aucklanders need to lay off the "P"

Lo Fi in stereo - online exhibition over at by south Auckland designer Jacob Sua

The Cinnamon Girl video with KCH is great! Reminded me of the MK12 boys style of music vid. The video, in no way "Glorifies" suicide bombing etc. Why not watch it yourself and make up your own mind :-)

iCalShare and the Apple iCal Library
A couple of great sites if you love iCal as much as me :-)

Job Posting: PHP & web programmer, preferably with some quals and experince but definitely with some examples of work. Email your cv to:
daniel.gordon at
The job is in Takapuna NS. NZ.

Sidhe Interactive are offering scholarships to study on Media Design School's graduate Diploma of Game Development

nyc broadcast outfit ..... plusetplus

BD4D in Mannheim Germany
Friday the 29th of October 2004

clean and tidy work from
Jared Richardson(nz/london)

shamelessly lifted from srf.stn

Winners Society
has everything I love in a site. and then some

Friday Culture: New Zealand Book Council
Complete with a great A-Z of our most talented writers.

NZ Film Commission web design shocker! - discuss...

Nice one Steriogram!
However, do a commercial, you're off the artistic roll call, every word you say is suspect, you're a corporate whore and eh, end of story :-)

Random media launches phase one of the sequel to the PS2 title The Getaway

ha ha ...

Kalaan is among the 55 players including three former All Blacks rugby players of New Zealand, three Thai transvestites who call themselves Screwless Tuskers and professional horse polo experts who gathered in the Thai beach resort town of Hua Hin this week for the annual King's Cup Elephant Polo tournament. More...

Finn Bros / a bit all over the place on safari & moz, but it would wrong not to link it up :-)

DOTMOV FESTIVAL 2004 / A competitive digital film festival which will be held in November 2004, entries close Sept 20th.

I'm not sure is Miss Carre has found a job yet, but she can Cook, Tap Dance and most importantly of all, she is Blond.
If you don't believe me, visit her site :-)

2 steps back a 2d art show coming to Aucks sometime soon.

Parkour: Urban Freeflow

How to avoid getting tickets when pulled over (3meg MP3)

save or streets / good concept but two or three years late perhaps?
my contribution back in 2002

New F6 DESIGN / Jonathan is an ex-pat kiwi now located in Melbourne.

iMac G5

Have fixed the space-invader bug for ya Tim

Hey guys,

Im one of the admins from nowgocreate and we are looking at starting up a new art community,

At the moment we are looking for someone(s) who are interested in helping code the new system with us. PHP + MySql, java knowlege is what we are looking for, and.

Ideally this person would have a reasonable amount of time to spend on this project, which is incidentally unpaid (so far). :)

if this sounds like you or someone that you know, get in touch with me


ps. (james why does this insert big spaces when you edit it??)

Apple 2004 Digital Solutions seminar series & expo.

new t=t

Wickedness Increased…

emboss yo!

Xtra has gotten a pleasant makeover in xhtml/css

New Zealand Music Awards September 22

Super Design Group
The Designers Republic
need a fresh, smart,.... etc etc. designer. Best of luck.

Abel Smith Street party.

Stormtroopers … says the guy next to me.

Old favorite CUBADUST updates

Looks like Toni's not gonna be the only one with high-end 3D resolution graphics anymore - Metra's weatherscape is gonna be on the BBC's weather report.

Shawn Stevens online gallery

Rebel State
great work from Mark up in Auckland.

PXTaMo - Pete must win!

Not exactly t-shirt weather in NZ today, but perhaps somewhere it is :-)

altcult + DIMENSION7

Ticketek. An example of how to become a quickly spreading PR disaster.

Tip hat: Mr Cruickshank

Clayton Dixon - Great print portfolio.
Disc3 - Visual design studio out of Raglan.

Sandwichboard - Great new site featuring work from recent Wanganui School of Design graduates

New poster for sale at OUTPUT

B M W 1

TVNZ Schools Web Challenge 2004
Time to get your HTML on kids!

Fold Here
Kurt Adams - Dunedin

brilliant sound and abstract creativity.

Virtual Olympic Games Plasma TV up for grabs and new games launching weekly.

FlashintheCan The 4 City Tour.
4 Cities in Canada.
SPARK 04 In our very own Hamiltoon. Starts tomorrow! Aug 10-14.

C4 are having a "Design a snowboard" comp (finishes up 23rd of August)

gimmie gimme octopus

Rugby - straight up the guts son

brand new yugop
and Dstrukt

Clicksuite have redesigned.

Elevate - Wellington initiative to encourage young people interested in business to network. There's an event next wednesday (the 11th) but it's not on their site yet.

finalists - 2004 best awards

some nice limited edition and orginal art works to buy here from... pictures on walls

awesome stuff up at NewPiece definitely loving the style.

Are you a Freelance Flash Developer in Wellington?
I might have some work for you in the coming months, so give me an email!

"Shatner. I'd fight William Shatner"

World Exclusive linkage!
Old favorites Seven, is Seven.
That calls for a celebration of the new website variety

Yohji vs Adidas... = Y - 3

If you see one other documentary this year, make it Control Room

Interesting... body song

The Flash authoring team (The people actually that make flash) have a blog.

its safe to say that I can't f%&ing wait for this

Shift are after an intermediate designer for their Wellington office.

Pretty impressive site for Japanese Vodaphone

the nice people at cactuslab give a few extra layers of clothing.

awesome auckland website.

mmmmmmmmmotion work!

Maori Party
cher to the cher

The vodafone digital art awards

The Website for german based magazine Lodown aint so hot, but the magazine certainly is!
I found it in PaperPlus in Dunedin, so no doubt it'll be easy enough to find up north.
Its one of the nicest magazines i've seen in quite a while, go grab a copy !

Ghost Busters Suit on ebay

new apple displays


Death by ipod -
click here

Apples Vision video back in the day
click me

speaking of threadless, james

every design printed

also ive thrown out a new design for you guys to vote for :) Narcissus

brand new yayhooray.

Jason Maas dot net. Fantastic portfolio site from the Cambridge native. Someone should give him a job in the big smoke!

With much hoopla and fanfare and with the Prime Minister and Lady Blake in attendance,
the Sir Peter Blake Trust launches.

Vote! Check out some NZ entries at Threadless.
Rachel - Tim - Tim, again - And me!

The Art Of Contradiction - The BJ Ball calendar design competition. Enter Now!

New Zealand Short Films
View the films and vote for your favorite!

An outdoor exhibition of 100 fake roadsigns designed by 40 worldwide artists in the city of Lyon - France

alowhum - brought to you by Autistk

The Living Room is back.

a. NZ designer Simon James is featured in the latest POL Oxygen online gallery.
b. teoDesign - tight flash portfolio.

The apple store comes to .nz

Look ma! Affordable Art

Christine Webb brings us M I N K design

Heat Creative - If FTM gave out awards, these guys would get one! Make sure you check out both the music & design showreels. Sexy stuff!

Im not a fan of sequels but I must admit I am looking forward to the release of Oceans 12

threadless has a $2500 prize up for grabs as well as heaps of other goodies. all for one tshirt design.

Web Essentials 04 in Sydney, Ozztralia

I wish this was a longer quest for the rest

Furry Logic books - Beautiful wee creature illustration from nz artist & author Jane Seabrook


I'll need to get one of these for the office!

Star Face
Going to your school ball?
Do you look like someone famous?
I reckon I do ladies

Football Badgers

seven-nine clothing - t-shirts etc out of melbounre with a couple of kiwis
Cengiz Bodur - great illustrations from Turkey

Dear Vodafone,
I have a wild idea give me the money!

matthew woodson finally puts out his folio site Ghostco - really lovely artwork

"New Zealand's first digital indie was born, offering an efficient, eco-friendly method of music distribution, and helping electronic artists sell their music worldwide"
TMET Recordings

Is it just me, or is anyone else glad NZ Music Month is over?

altcult & disomer - nice t-shirts from .au

MN8 - nifty navigation for a nice folio

groundfloor - victoria st east - auckland

New Zealand garden wins gold at Chelsea Flower Show

Check out the interactive version.

And the BBC's panorama.

These are the people running North Korea!?

These are the people running our country!?

I had a funny feeling Mill had something to do with the super cool Brazil v Portugal Nike add.

Why pay 93,000 extras when ya can use Massive ahe? :) Miramar Represent!

Job Post - Multimedia joker wanted in Rotovegas - check Insight for more

In Graphics We Trust // Sebastian Onufszak

New BeST Awards site - In css - But it doesn't validate.

Oh the irony

saw this NZ site featured over at BD4D
Res 72
great stuff

We are getting our photos of Semi-Permanent together for PHOTOGENERIC
If you have any pics from that day (or night) that you would like to contribute,
drop us a line



Satellites mistaken for stars - driving down the information highway take a rest sometimes.

you need to get out more
GRDD - chirpy
Offf - wish I had the money

Base Two in Wellington are looking for a vibrant, talented, and passionate junior/intermediate designer with a minimum of 2+ years design industry experience.

Sound like you?

this is new

May1 Reboot If you havent already go take a look over there and vote for the NZ sites

electric heat

New Zealand Game Developers Conference - 26 to the 29 June, Dunedin.

Adobe Creative Suite - Just saw this in action and was very impressed
Job - Shift needs a coder for the AK studio
Fur Patrol - Yay NZ music
Queenstown - Yay NZ!

Its that time of the year again NZMusicMonth


My mate has put his photos up of the conference and after party. oh look there I go, plugging my course haha what a dick.

My birthday colour is PANTONE 16-5112, what's yours?

urban soldierz graff artists inspired in urban and hip hop designs. yeah. the crusader

Australian INfront - March INterval project photographs are up

let me just clear my links backlog with:
Rhian Sheehan - Emil Björnum - KFM Radio

Not to go on and on about SEMI-PERMANENT - but a big thank you must go out to the crew at The Church for their great hospitality while we where in AK - Was great to meet Murray & Andrew from DiK - And i think I'm speaking for everyone there by saying heres to SEMI-PERMANENT 05
...In Wellington perhaps? I'd drink to that

Tristan likes graffiti

SEMI-PERMANENT came and went,
I really enjoyed it.
show stoppers for me were Simon and Kelvin from The Wilderness,
they gave some pretty good insight to their thoughts and personality and how they work as opposed to a simple show and tell. gorgeous work too. well done guys.
Vince Frost was really funny.

MK12 just do amazing work.

BIG ups to The Church for making this happen in NZ.





Not long now - Semi-Permanent 04 in AK - Time to make sure your Liver and right side of your Brain are in good working order.

Goodbye NZOOM
Hello tvnz

thebroken is a hacking videozine

cool stuff today!


manila mag

and ive been involved with the fiction33 website (warning content may offend) - Peter Croft - Warren Olds
Links stolen from the Feb/Mar PRODESiGN

BIG ACTIVE Updates! now selling limited edition signed and numbered prints by the likes of Kate Gibb and Jasper Goodall.... worth a look.

And legendary art director of Santa Cruz Skateboards in the late 80's Jim Philips has released a book of his work from the period.... super good!

More things to go to:
Macromedia Web Solutions Seminar - Auckland only I'm afraid.

This kids got class
nice stuff from Romain Perin, Auckland, New Zealand.


(needs internet explorer)

More Adobe events:
Empowering eGovernment
Adobe @ Work Seminar Series in the 04
Adobe Creative Suite Seminar in the 09

Time and again people still take the onion seriously

radiohead's website always intrigues me.

and quiet please is sounding quite nice in the background as i type this at 1 am in the morning

Could you have survived the terror or 9/11? Soon you will be able to put yourself to the ultimate survival test.

9/11 Survivor - The Game.

Understanding Joshua

I've often said I'd like to punch a famous designer in the face

Enter in what you want the chicken to do e.g. dance, sit, etc
chick here

woah some nice nz artwork here art find - Teresa Gordon smooth

hey everyone ive got another threadless design in the running,
love ya if you'd vote for it
My Paper Heart

Kiwi Interactive

those who seek shall find fonts

hint: the site isnt dead.

While out last night at Ageha these guys were handing out their art - lighters!

60% of Japanese men smoke so they could be on to a good thing, whats 150YEN anyway...


Some nice sites today!



Dan and I spoke about holding a protest last year to get SSC to add CSS based layouts to the web guidelines.

Now they are marching on Washington for web standards!

huffer winter
yep. it's winter out there

I picked up a copy of the latest IDN magazine in Hong Kong the other day and was very surprised to see it has an 18 Page spread on New Zealand design.

So hats off to IDN, though it does looks quite Wanganui-centric... but hey, maybe it deserves to be? Check it out.

1 gig email storage! google's GMAIL f_ckn @!
coming soon...

also smooth smooth folio of the phantom research foundation

some nifty free stock photogs, 01ccd

and Mike Cina thinks that the work at Ken Miki is hot. I dont share his opinion updates with a picture gallery from the opening at Rex Royal



Evil Pupil- EP:TV

Flight 404



Steriogram - featured on the Apple site. Nice work the boys from Auckland!


JOSH ROBENSTONE PHOTOGRAPHY - site by Melbourne based kiwi Jeffrey Docherty

Top 10 thing's they never taught me in Design School

well im proud to say that I made my way to the end of this site my hands are cramping though

This is rubbish.
Where is Mel Gibson's 1973 Ford XB GT Interceptor?

Or more importantly. Blondini's Yellow Mini!

Redesign: ArtsPost in Hamilton.
[hat tip Steve]

So i was chilling in my class today when i stumbled upon this nifty little app. my tutor made me share it with everyone so here goes...

my apologies if you have already seen the burodestruct 60's logo designer

do you think if i post this link i wont have to post any more design links this year?

16hands yeah, pretty impressive page

speaking of impressive: depthcore

Geoff Notman is the Featured artist this month at OriginArt.
Geoff taught me illistration before I sold my soul to Photoshop.

LOUNGE72 have an interview with IdN Magazine founder Laurence Ng.

nowgocreate enters its second canto

Mr Havoc Presents Quality Time
Didn't Petone look beautiful last night?

Have to do database stuff, but don't quite get it 'cause you're a visual person?
Give DBDesigner4 a go.

Australian INfront INterval - Contributions from the month of January are now on-line

i cant believe this

new O4D coming out soon

Otago University's new site design by The Otago Weboffice

Credo Productions are hosting a series of workshops 'aimed at providing basic skills and insight into further creative education'.

Places are limited, so get in quick.

impero & - very tasty

Entry packs are now available for the fourth annual Dyson Product Design Award in association with DINZ, PRODESiGN and The British Council New Zealand’s Design Ambassador Programme.

The Survey Company brand ID and design Rob at

Eagle what? never heard of them before. turns out theyre the new zealand designers behind the current huffer site some mad as stuff going on there. jack all flash too, most of that stuff you see is all coded javascript. yay now I can "rightclick>openinewindow" till my hearts content!!


Super handy for deciphering the hidden meaning of gangsta rap lyrics. Word

It's march and you know what that means?
Happy Birthday Photoshop

"Wellingtons [sic] Only Creative House". Yeah I was wondering where that was...

now this is something that i find so smooth that i want to rip it, james

Exopolis Design

check that scripting__nice!

"Non smokers die...


Sleep tight."

Remember Bill today

styrofirm : redesign
it's so good even i want to rip it off!

nifty little piece of goods for organising your fonts: typograf

I've been meaning to post this for the past month...

Media Design School are offering a certification program in Massive.


Fresh update feeling very Kiwi.

ive got a shirt in the running for threadless go vote kindly and I will love you forever.

that is all,


r-selected blew me away with its intensity. skateboard graphic exhibition - hit the deck - keep an eye on it

Good News. But Trevor Mallard won't be Minister of anything in 2006. So i wouldn't bother getting excited about it.

The Designers Institute of New Zealand's new site - interactive portfolio of Norwegian Designer Jan Finnesand

Go buy a threadless tshirt now!

A couple of new Coke sites for ya:
coke & cokefridge
Created by Satellite Interactive.

Ruby Clothing & Catch Casting | Two brilliant new sites from the team at Fracture Media Syndicate. See kids. Flash, in moderation, like red wine and chocolate, can be good for you! |

R|h webdesign studio are looking for freelance contract webdesigners.

And if anyone in WGTN is after a Massey graduate to go out in the rain to the printers, make coffee and umm, design stuff, i know just the girl! email moi

Command prompt, how unlucky

Looks to much like a logo than a flag to me Pete. NZ is a country. Not a brand that can be bought and sold. As much as Helen wants us to be. I say don't change the flag.
What do you think?

NZFlag should check out that old insight post

sign up phase for the
May 1 Reboot has begun.
If you look carefully you can even see james there. oooo competition.

watch more tv. bookem ryder presents:
the video kid. check out his official site - where you can get all video kid, all the time.
lets do this

Could you win one?

robbed from slashdot
world of ends

some awesome art. nice job rettic

Kia ora.
Updated for the big '04.

Its the same ftm, but different!

oh snap! new stuff up at designgraphik

Job vacancy at Studio Output

4PLAY (13-14 Feb) will see 4 VJs simulatenously create "living tapestries" at Shed 11 as part of the 2004 Fringe Festival Quiddity04 fashion extravaganza. Mark it in your PDA.

Me not sure if anyone has mentioned this before but this royalty free image site is one cool design resource.

hi-res! with a third installment Saints and Sinners for the punisher website. Im having the time of my life playing Delta sim 1.5 yay!

...would Sid have made it to the next round of NZ Idol??

curious. very curious. metaphorical

Saatchi &amp

Japan Design News.

Check out PRINT'EM

Graphic artwork posters created by young Japanese creators. Steal this Link and die!?!

After 4 long years.

I have found it.

The Best Website Ever!

right. so the countryside obviously isnt as great as ours. but the flashwork is. depart.lucid in the sky

Semipermanent Auckland News:
David Carson and Monster Children will no longer be speaking at the Auckland event. Fracture have also had to pull out due to work load. They have been replaced by Vince Frost, The Wilderness and Black+White Magazine.

however Drew redoes Grafikas
and ive enjoyed the work at shhhh
and david has stuck up a new splash page on his unbelieveable O4D site.
thats it for tonite.

some hot artwork from Mike at Ludo Sabato

Radio Active Survey fill it out and they will send ya a free double movie pass! FUCKN@!

in the future, I will still hate flash, but love attractive woman with British accents. Vodafone

What I want for a late christmas present. The Nightmare begins!

Nice! UK illustrator
Andrew Rae ....

Interested in getting your art/design/music/motion work reviewed by other artists?

Sick of Deviant art?

go check out NowGoCreate: online art forum

Fo yo geeks in a house.
The W3C XSLT service

Creative Commons

Inspired by the Free Software Foundation's legendary GNU General Public License. Creative Commons extends this Open Source ideology to all creative works, not exclusively software.

So, interested in seeing your work remixed and mased up? But not so keen on some big advertising agency using it to promote tampons... could be for you homie!

When Bad Things Happen to Good Clients very cool.
Industrial Light & Magic have confirmed that they will be attending semi permanent

Sonys new robot
This media group is genius or crazy. I cant tell.

Warning: Mature Content. For Adults Only.... does this count as defamation? FTM undergoes a highly questionable facelift via Mina Naguib's highly cool Website Mixmaster.

Time to start thinking about the
May 1st Reboot

Hey All.
Ive just joined the news team and i'll be posting some great links for ya.
In the mean time you can check out my site Reconfine

Dave Clark Associates + Lekkerwerken launches the interactive snack-shop of the illustrator Hansi Helle

MS Frontpage Customer Gallery. Not good, but not as bad as I had hoped...

Chris Jones + UK web guy who is looking to move to NZ.
Dimension7 + Berlin based graphic and fashion design studio.

The crew from WEFAIL are back with another supa slick site - if only all Flash sites were this damn good ...

does anyone know of any studio space available for rent in the inner city (09)
please email me

Big Day Out mobile blog (moblog)

Create your handwriting into a font in minutes

dnation updates - new stuff, desktops and a whopper article on the state of Vjing in NZ. check-it

What the? Photoshop CS prevents opening scanned or copied-via-clipboard images of currency?

Congrats to my wee friend FiFi!
That's gotta be good for the old record sales ahe?

Evasion is currently running the innaugural Hankins Award for Creative Writing. Deadline is January the 31st.

Some tight stuff at mata AK. NZ.

And check
I have added some kiwi flavor :)

I trust everyone had a good holiday. lets kick off 2004 with nz idol blog!

New Year Mac links for those who had to go back to work early.
new ipod mini for the ladies
Super computer - G5 cluster check the QT

"Top spender on iTunes Music Store has spent $29,500. (Not identified)" - Steve Jobs reveals more at his keynote -MacWorld SF. more info

Merry Christmas yo !

New profile on the way, with Dunedins own Nigel Roberts, co-editor of New Zealand Skateboarding Magazine / photographer / graffiti artist.
Should be a good one.

Enjoi the season folks !

we've made a new teamuniform

Really amazing work from Johnny Hardstaff

Red Bull Copilot looks Tu meke on my new eMac!!

Yes. I have taken an e.

coming soon to an Auckland near you.


Type is an organism

Christmas browsing at
fred flare and 9th exhibition

If you're bored like me, you'll rejoice in this random Yankee fodder. There's plenty more off the main site if you can handle it..

'Leprechauns vs Toilet Brushes'? ... ohhh Lord have Mercy!

Did we mention saatchi & saatchi?
No. So it's time we did.

Yesterday WGTN went off big time as you would have all seen - Congrats to all involved! - Including the odd FTMer who played their part in the whole LOTR hullabaloo - nice

How about a round of applause for the New Zealand Government?

Thanks to them, we sure are going places..

The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King. Cam 1 - Cam 2

Installing your new battery

Hack ya ipod open like its easter!

ACHTUNG! Sony Net MD competition - deadline wednesday - full details in the Oct/Nov Pulp - that is all.

iPod's Dirty Little Secret

Working Title Films has a great little site that delivers its trailers in flash

Blackspade radioactive tee designs.
FCKN@ Bro.

See, that knowledge wave is in the house

Nicholas Blanchet - Summer 2004

Don't fancy your's much, it's the 2003 netguide award winners yay.
If was a TV show, it would be Eating Media Lunch
Karl Wills animation. Classic

George W. Bush visits England this week, and you should go and make him feel welcome

Massey University Exhibition 2003 It may have finished but you can still check out some of the work online. Including guest For the Masses tee designer Joanna Roberts!

Not Funny

DVD Turntables Released by Pioneer.

And has anyone seen NIC?

Chrometoaster ReDesign. I bet there all down at Zebos in the sun right now :)

Doctor Who?

wwd07 &middot

RadioActive are having a T-shirt Comp - Closes 22 of Nov, so you'd better hurry.

Work by graduating students from the Auckland University of Technology Bachelor of Graphic Design.

"Over and Out" Exhibition Date: November 13-18 Venue: Level 5, Aotea Centre

Thanks Cornelius.

Innovative Media from ChCh Redesign. Simple and clean. Nice job

Job Post: Nice Auckland firm we all know and love require web dev. php etc, intermediate level. someone on to it. Independent position but could very well become full time. Email me yr CV and I'll pass it on. No big files. Or I kill you.

Massey School of Design exhibition. At the old museum WGTN. Nice of them to tell us.
Side by side comparison of the major NZ political parties' policy on everything from the ARTS to the TREATY.

Design Festa
Starts up again next weekend in Tokyo.
And I'll See you in Hell


Imaginary Numbers

huffer - we make some ads.
godindustries - new zealand photos. cool!

Im amped on the updates at neckcns.

Like, really, really, amped!


The highly anticipated ALA 3.0 is live, with front and back ends redesigned, and 3 new articles to boot.

Another NZ music video making company SHURIKEN

Profile Intermedia - Voyeur / online exhibit of works of Ch. Raymond Cruz

Every wonder who makes all the NZ Music Videos?

Fish 'n' Clips



Mad Funky - Japanese Graf.

Josh Nimoy has some interesting projects.

Nice beats for slow thursdays: Beta Lounge. Make sure to click past shows., making you realise how well your life is actually going: - phat link from Dan - 1.4meg price tag - but well worth it

"Big & Little Biz" - an UP event - Wellington NZ - Tuesday 21 October 2003 - New!

mud /multiuserdesign - graphic design DVD magazine - An experimental DVD magazine dedicated to digital design
(print, interactive & motion)

reinvent reinvents itself - funny that - the magazine's first issue + website launch October 30 at Allelujah K'Road

pulp are constructing a double page spread of images called RISE & SHRINE - the temples of pop culture - and are calling for submissions from you - images should be anything from a marae entrance - to the tallest drink in town - to reclining buddha - to a ATM machine.

Submit your stuff to brock now

deadline is Oct 24

That is all

Hit The Deck skateboard exhibition. is very nice.
And Please. Pray for Tana.

Tokyo Designers Week 2003

Not to forget this too...

October 9 - 13

This has been up for a while - but its faaaaaantastic... After life - four seasons by Jonathan Clark

dnation new dsktops
creativeforce another international award
RWC2003 "Nonu. There's only one Nonu. There's only one Nonu. There's only one Nonu."



October 9th - 13th.

And that logo looks a little like this

Shift Auckland are after a web designer

darron lilley updates... where is he .. and whats up yo ! ... respec!

The new Bucket Fountain store is open.
As WGTN as it gets!
Also our shop has undergone a face lift. Help pay for my legal fees and buy a top!

p ee p show

kim tang

happy happy happypets

w k . in ter act

I just went looking for suit hire places online.
Someone needs to get into the suit hire website redesign market, they could use a little help...

and my personal fave

only found 1 that gave me the information I wanted quickly and easily and didn't make my eyes water looking at it.. bummer they're in Dunedin:

How many thick-ears have to be given out before you lot realise!
Don't send us links riddled with JS errors!
They are my pet hate. That, and people who drink Heineken at pubs.

"Sorry this is only available to users of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5+ on Windows Based Operating Systems"
If you try to leave without voting, you get a dialog box asking if you're sure you want to leave.

None the less, I'm excited about C4TV.

[Get it right next time ay]

new 42 below ecard

BACARDI and Cola
(I gotta stop drinking on school nights)

Ka hinga atu he tete-kura - ka hara-mai he tete-kura. As one fern dies - one is born to take its place. R.I.P Franco & JC

Get Your Peace On!
Again. New Zealand. NEVER forget.July 10 1985"As long as we're talking shelf life here."

You would not mind waking up in the morning next to 42 Below.

Ban Comic Sans Dot Com

Monday, 22 September at e-Vision, corner Blair and Wakefield Streets.

fracture does huffer

The winners of this years Best Awards where announced last night. Congratulations to Anchorville for taking out the web award. And nice one TV3. For the coverage on Nightline.


Geeks Tip of the Week :

Connect direct to Adobe for all those pesky incremental software updates.


42 Below?

Crackin da funniez bro.


Nice guys and girls from Berlin.

ah the good old days

eric cruz ... uptown ....

NZ Breakers &middot

the doubleoc site has been updated. very very sad.

MX 2004

New Music Radio From Tokyo, Japan.

NetGuide Web Awards 2003
James was unavailable for comment.

The finalists are up for this years
Best Design Awards
Some favourites in the interactive media & website design cat. Go Dan Smith!

The CUBEYou! can help make Auckland more creative

Tao Restaurant | New York &middot

The new Otago Nuggets Logo from Chris at blackspade

working next door to these mad hatters at the mo.

Shift #081
cover by syrup

Designers Guild of Ireland &middot

elevenfiftyseven.records &middot

The coolest shop in paris ?

and love graffiti

A lomography exhibition at C1 cafe - lomographs from all around the world.
month of august.
High St. Christhcurch

Ladies & Gentlemen. Boys & Girls.
For the Masses gets ripped off. Again!

Two Lane Black Top

is back in full force!

Job-Posting: If Flash, and or Action Scripting are your bag. Please send me URLs and or CVs (.pdf .doc format only)

Design Needs New Heroes

the auckland festival has parts 2 and 3 of Matthew Barney's Cremaster cycle

The delightfully re-vamped

/Still undergoing changes/

South Auckland's Finest.
Dawn Raid Entertainment


Hinge Design &middot

new and free

AK03 &middot

scroll down. look! now ya' can search for old news! super. bugs here please
-- The easy way to find a printer to suit your needs.

subvert &middot

> Seemingly Updated
>> passenger . co . nz

>>> Check it !

2advanced &middot

It would just be wrong if I didn't linkup the Beck's site

tee hee hee....

is surfstation still around??
London Calling / an OE in cyberspace. nice work from the Toaster

stealing links from all over the place today
this one from surfstation
a book/pdf study by steve caddy on tool lyrics
very nice

the internet is shit

robbed from Newstoday

I have an 87% chance of being a design hero.
Design Needs New Heroes &middot




Dilbert does web design

battersea power station from random media uk

transmit &middot

Aussie based Kiwi Jonathan Nicol is one of thirteen designers to have fonts included in the launch collection of new font foundry
Union Fonts

peter circuitt on the microphone......


Type: weapons of mass destruction

and hit I'm Feeling Lucky nice, small, simple flash portfolio site of Chris Green

SPARK3 The line-up has been announced.
Be a big 4 days in Hamiltron for that one!

x . tra lovely people from shefield represent.... D e D

Strobe Lights + smoke machine technology + 1988 rave music accounted for a very excellent night... thankyou . P O K E .

It's Raining Links!
Shift Updates NZ.COM. And launches BIZ.ORG a kiwi business portal.
Also Shift new-be Andy has a great portfolio site

Soda Creative:ReDesign.
Umm. Just a couple of things:
1, Text? Text please!
2, 800x600 or 1024? Make up your mind.
3, "Website Design from just $499 + GST"
$499? I could slap you! Well at least there is no flash :)

boredofthebeckhams . c o m

Fo' yo' geeks in da house, the RSS feed has been updated to version 2.

The Listener / new site hot off the press this morning, thanks to cactuslab
"Looks like everyones kicked a goal!"

"And I'll drink low fat Milk. But only if there's Kahlua & Vodka in it!"
meadow fresh / nice stuff like always from the team at origin

Mission Hall redesign. Tho I don't think its quite complete.

Yeah go B I G . A C T I V E

Faster than a Subaru on Kent Terrace.
It's the all new G5!

Int'l Poster Gallery

I got the links on lock.

Russian Avante-Garde

Speak Up.


Design Ideas.
Design Talk.
Design Theory.


I look kinda sexy Matrix style.

Welcome back Farah. OoOoo we missed ya!

A while ago we found out that Microsoft wasn't going to be releasing any more stand alone versions of IE, this week we find no more versions for the Mac.

Looks like Mozilla and Safari are the only options kids.

The Nomad // New album out Monday, June 16 // Site by dNation

Have found FTM Old Boy Grant Robinson!
Look's like he is in Thailand. If your in Thailand and see him. Say hi from us :)

you may have seen this, but its great, so look again at the lovely illustration and humour of Monsterism / The Los Angeles chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) announces the launch of its new design-community focused Website. / A global site which embraces creatives, giving them an environment in which they can interact and learn from each other.

"...and not those pixel pushing pin dicks at Weta Digital!"

I'm in need on plain, nz made, t-shirts/ sweatshirts/ hoodies.
If you know of anywhere/anyone that could help, please drop me a line.


How we love the gore! Battle Royale t-shirts
Great B.I.F.F. Film.

RE_INVIGORATE // Data Archiving Services
Some great new features. Check it out

Get ready to drool fellow geek-aholics.

8.6 Gigabits per second ! ! !


"Escalate" - Digital Photography:
This new web installation features the work of 15 Canadian new media fanatics exploring and experimenting with the creative side of digital photography. are looking for new media designers and sound artists to collaborate with on sound and art project.

Mark Garrity has got a great looking site/portfolio, and he's after work in NZ

SPARK03 features Michael C Place

We'll I sure as hell don't owe zero

Interactive Technology Forum at (e)-vision: Presented by Terry R. Larose, Head of Oktobor Interactive

Romain writes: "I'm french and I live in NZ aye! And I can't find a bloody job!"
Help the brother out: URL

simple css redesign

For our Auckland posse, spend a weekend making a short film - win an iMac!
(via Beck's Incredible Film Fest)

A morguefile is an inactive or post production material reference file. This morgue file contains high resolution stock photography images free for either corporate or private use.

Ridiculously good 3d work at PepeLand

link dumper " _____ __ "


barry mcgee

levi anniversary



Fracture Media Syndicate
new site from Nick and the crew:
Ryan's Interview with Nick

Dnation Issue 01:
Fresh new Wellingtown zine from Rob Appierdo

Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Roadshow
Christchurch - 9th June
Wellington - 10th June
Auckland - 11th June

good news



Heather Brunette.
Dream Guy:
"he's tall, has brown eyes and blue jeans and buys me things."
It's me!

not design related, but I wanted to share.

Skate or die, kids. Skate or die.

I was very very sad to learn this today:
R.I.P nzoom

The Costume Ball &middot

HitLab is amazing, without a doubt if Doom3 or the Xbox came out with support for some of the work they've been doing it I'd be down the road buying everything I could for it.

Design Camp went off! Congrats to the staff at the School of Design for an excellent gig. Pics of the Costume Ball to come very soon!


Link Dump: 01 : 02 : 03 : 04 : 05 : 06

an online exhibition of urban art photographed in and around east london.

Eagle Graphics have got with the programme and made a website!


Invasion of the crazy ants! ARGH!

The Proof is in the Process

Ok: We know where the Hotel is. We know where the Opera House is. Now we need to know where the good (or bad) Pubs are in Wanganui. Please Email Me!

Design Survival Camp 6 :Updates
only 2 sleeps to go! oooOoOOo!!

The Zephyrs. This is why For the Masses fly Qantas.

Thanks Ventilate for the link. I was just up in Canada last week awesome place, God save the Queen!

New Profile up from Nic:
Askew from

Target 10% &middot

The made me do it

What are we doing for NZ Music Month?

Loading 2.2M. Way to Big. Sorry.
If you don't want to wait I
completely understand. OK.

Here we are - the complete list of doctypes we're allowed according to W3C.
(notice the lack of this tag, &ltfor a greater understanding of this particular non compliant doctype read this)

Lovely Illustrations at LastChance

The very talented Jeff Wood passes on his latest... for the Sweetshop

UK video artist Runwrake.

I'm liking guitar music again ... thankyou

Am I the only FTM'er not flying the flash flag?
Flash Is Evil!

So ForTheMasses likes flash

The first 7X7 for 2003 is on Monday 5 May at 6pm.
Presenters include director Gaylene Preston. Royal Society of NZ CEO Steve Thompson. VUW's Bridget Stoker & Dr Hamish Campbell.


New album dropz soon. Meanwhile they got web.

Again, please enjoy these faces.

Please enjoy these piccies.

Dope Illustrations...

Occasional Superstar


D`Art Digital Space

...All mighty fine.

subakt updating 0.o

sorry Karl. homie don't play that


R I P - L O S T P I X E L

L.P. Pulls the plug and goes touring.

Don't Believe me click here

"Attention is placed on standards-compliant code, accessibility issues and
cross-browser considerations."

I think I'm in love!!

A break from the screen, designex 03
- 15th international commercial + residential design exhibition. Only trouble is that its in Melbourne and at the same time that design camp is on.

don't go naked any longer girls!

Shop For the Masses is now open!

Big ups to Yann & Jo for the designs.

I've been looking at this site for the last 10 mins, I still don't know what's going on, but it's got a big mecha in it so it must be good.

seeing as we like nice Flash, how about some nice
Flash fonts?

Scott sends us his folio driftlab
see. we do like flash. good flash that is.

hey did anyone watch flipside last night? I did - for the first time ever - and I saw these Auckland fellas : mukpuddy

Zitrones &middot

Fantastic portfolio over at frontend design
I think they played a part in the design of The Official Site of The America's Cup. which is up for a webby

At last the Graphics International website.

we love the iraqi information

Matt and Karl put out a couple of new sites - solid work as always.
Mind the cactus!

RNDM _ Underground sounds all the way from Dublin

That's cause you don't spend enough time hanging out with the Maori internet socitey James.

Microsoft M&#257

my republic &middot digital photography slideshows. very sexy
wellvetted &middot check the best sites from the month just gone

new(ish?) banksy site

These are some fine looking posters, no matter if you agree with them or not.

nice simple screen prints from green lady

Big Active

Karen Walker

Stella McCartney

Designers against the war!
*no comment

pioneer 10 / is the personal web space of duane king, an art director and designer at focus2.
And from arjan. / very big. very pixellated.


L O U D M O U T H very very nice gig guide site.
i have just hit the .nz motherload. expect more brand new kiwi sites over the comming.. years.

Just remember kids, you aren't the only ones photoshopping media images for those competitions.

This public service announcement was brought to you by Adobe.

..Is that Boycott the war or Boycott the US Karl? :)

Design Survival Camp 6 The Theme for this year is "Authors of their Work"

It is the time for gathering of design students, educators, and professionals discussing and debating the topic.

It offers an excellent opportunity for professionals, tutors and students to meet and talk about design in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Boycott The War and take a look at that graph, jez....

nuff said

English graffiti crew scrawl collective and the uber cool LA talent Geoff McFetridge

You've got to have a huge amount of respect for the folks at Epitaph, they're giving another $50,000 to charity, and they want you to decide who it should go to.

an old fav stickernation is back!

Susan Kare - the designer responsible for a large number of the original icons on both Mac and PC, check out her site.

Big ups to Softshell for the mention on Radioactive!


heliocell have a bit of studio space available in the cuba|wellington part of town. high speed net & car parks available.

To navigate, use your mouse.

*link from designiskinky

onne writes: "We are giving designers their change to submit work (logo or animation) for the biggest outdoor screen of Rotterdam. The 6 best will be broadcasted on April the 13th during the international marathon of Rotterdam."
**Green Light District**


The 1st New Zealand Casualty of the "war" in Iraq is... Peter Jackson
Not a wise move Pete. The chances of you winning an Oscar were slim before. Now. Trust me. You will never win one.

Remember kids, in this time of war its important to know how to decode the visual language elements in news content., a hell of a lot more then i expected. [poached from k10k]

SPARK3 August 6th - 9th. And they want You!

Yawn &middot


Its alright barry, our beloved leader has also stated his option about current events.

have one too many guinness yesterday?

josh said "boycott your own website".

so I did.

From the FTM Inbox: J-STATION &middot StyleReactor &middot photo-inside

iamsam · 2002 Design Ambassador Sam Brodie. Link found in the new look PRODESiGN. Very sexy!

Happy St Paddies Day! I am on my 1st ale of the day :)

The Flash Mind Reader

"I wear black on the outside because black is how I feel on the inside." - moz.
Shop around kids! $65

In these dark sporting times, its good to remember that real fans wear brown and tan.
eh, James?

If copying is a compliment - NZ web company Shift must be stoked. Check both sites. Pure NZ and then these cats - PolyPack - thanks to Grant at L.P. for the info.

vodafone nz redesigns. love the little grey "Respect" links to ManYoo & the mighty Football KingZZZZ. go team!

Let me tell ya muthafuckaz who ya fuckin‚ with...

is a zine-esque collaboration, one person per page, about 30 pages in all, dealing principally with YOU. Your name, identity, crew, studio, site, whatever. This book is entirely about the identity of the artists and in turn, the identity of the collective > gloriously reproduced in one-colour on a white stock and hand-bound in an elaborate cover in one numbered edition of 200.

NZ architects and interior designers think tank?

I think Nicola is in love



Charles &middot

Get Your Anti-War On! 1 &middot 3 &middot 4

test yr booout perfect time waster for Friday. go wee merts!

Simply put, you have to see this. An online exhibit of Art Radebaugh's work.

flipside &middot

Design a Subaru. Wicked! But make it quick. You have till March 21. I'm not

sure if you have to include 2 peroxide blonde valley girls and an eminem CD

stuck on repeat in your design though.

Now the Masses have a voice.
Join up to inSight and take a closer look at the day-to-day issues facing the New Zealand Design Community.

mmm, saucy

As every day brings another knock to kiwi pride, it's great to see another first for New Zealand

from OK Flavor

A little old, but Netscape's DevEdge redesigned.

! Fight Creative Stagnation

Cuban Council

I want my M2 &middot

Keepin' on the phone tip. Seems Flash will be available on Japanese Cellphones soon.


Gotta be a good thing. Japanese handsets are like no other.

Sony Ericsson P800 - one nice phone that uses the Opera browser to great effect. Browsing the internet by phone could still become mainstream and that'll mean another platform for us to be designing for

Redneck !

Spin and Intro - - > rock !

Draw it. Store it. Sell it.

Stencil Revolution &middot)

Type and Image &middot Diploma thesis by Bjoern Karnebogen

first post, thought I'd let everyone know that theres only 3 days left to get your early purchase ticket to Semi-Permanent

ATTN: Christchurch Lomographers

If you want to talk Lomo, go on Lomo adventures, capture beautiful things, see the world and become successful.

Then contact us to find out when the next Christchurch lomo meetup is.

"I hate people that are good at everything"

veda / version 5 / fire.
Call me old-fashioned but links should be underlined & in a different colour from the text? A topic to debate in Insight perhaps?? Not long to go now! OoOoOOO Insight!


Ex-pat Sam Muir (samisgraphic) now doing great work at theKitchen in london.

Students work from Media Design School · Oim &middot nokia &middot great to see some NZ students work! *but* they really should not all be at 1024

Some fun motion graphics work from Brand New School based in Santa Monica. And some artwork from my favourite skateboarder Mark Gonzales

Some very nice work in Arnauds portfolio...

Eagle Graphicz is Under Attack with more coming soon...

They bring you : Disruptiv Issue 1 on the Streets. Are you?

News.BBC has redesigned.
I recommend you read Usability: The Site Speaks for Itself if you're interested in the way they've gone about redesigning it.

Interesting a design industry taskforce

new new guy, simon from teamuniform says check out the portfolio of local superstar Simon Oosterdijk at lost-andfound

Not being one normally on the lookout for these I quite enjoyed stumbling accross this free font site. Works wonderfully in IE6 on windows

An interesting article on why Gollum won't be nominated for best supporting actor. Disappointed!

Attention !
Washington DC rockers Trans Am are doing a tour of New Zealand. 11 shows in 11 different towns, so no matter where you are you have no excuse not to go. Tour dates can be found here, so get get yourself a ticket!

Sick of Spammongers? Tempmail..

PHOTOVANCSO // Amazing photography from Zoltan

Hello to all the Whanau, readers and bots visiting For The Masses. I'm looking forward to contributing here, meeting you all and sharing the love. You'll find me working from

Make it spin in 3D // Stefan Clark // Kiwi // Now in Holland

[This is Huge]
Google buys blogger

If you interested in any of Chris Morris work check the Warp Records for more details....

Smoking Gun ... thanks Chris Morris.

Free Music!* the best kind. go!*link stolen from joe

Who knew had a staff blog??

We are after a couple of new crew members for FTM. So if you like getting bossed around for no pay them you might just be who we are looking for. If this sounds like you. please drop me a line

S U B C O N T R A S T &middot

Studio Blue Fish - Nice looking site, shame about the javascript errors.

pics from Adobe Live in Auckland will go up 2moro. until then. some nice sites & people from the city of sails
BNW &middot &middot creativeforce

Be the first kid on the block to know about the next internet meme.


Updates with the Upcoming Season - Winter 2003. Yes its gonna be Winter again soon....

Very nice book from the south american quarter "Latino" and some nice illistration at Airside.

The Church is off to semi-permanent in Sydney!
They've also managed to score some bulk rates so if your interested in going give Paul an email, they need to confirm by the 10th of February.

The British Council's sub-sites for Australia, Japan, India and France have all been redesigned recently, according to legend by a nice Swiss firm that have a 105 sites left to do, and from looking at the NZ one, it needs it.

Colour Test.

Via. Sparky.

Apparently For The Masses is 'New Zealand's premier web design magazine.'

Rialto Cinemas has just re-designed.

In Auckland next week. I will be available to have beers by appointment only. 021 number can be found on please don't Spam my cellphone. Pete is in charge till I get back. And no silly buggers while I'm away!

I've been following lockjaw for years and years, and they've just launched the winter 2002/2003 edition. niiice.

via megan:
dave likes art its a movie trailer site with an edge. or is that a spike?

the frogs they will be at the Blind Pig February 1. Gabe's Oasis February 8. And the Double Door February 20 (must be 18+ to enter)

Typography weblogs?
typographi &middot cute wee illustration from carole of france.

Whale Rider
great site. and from what I have heard. so is the film.

Why, yes I am looking forward to zwan album, and if its anything like their website it should be good and interesting


New Club just opened in Tokyo. Pulling out all the stopz.

"other sites are just 'your stimulus', but here you have to stimulate the site first to get some content" says Steffen of habitat7, which has just re-designed.


Dedicated to the revolution of youth culture personified in Avirl Lavigne.
Couldn't have said it better myself.

Arkitip has been a favourite for a while.

hyperthesis visual lab
an experimental in digital exploration & presentation.

it's friday afternoon. time to take the piss:
looking foward to this "new look website"

from the inbox:
portfolio site & a few tees
magma sticker exhibition
portfolio for US designer Michael Hagel
finnish design

Village People on TV2. super sexy titles by Seven
Becky Nunes also from Seven. is there anything they can't do??

Apple is travelling around NZ to show you the latest warez apple NZ update

FTM:re:design. Please send any bugs to me should now work on any browser you throw at it :)

Adobe PDF: The Basics FREE 1 hr Seminar
Sheraton Auckland. Tue 4 Feb 2003

_ some nice Blenheim action
_ the media suite

Some people have too much time on their hands

Christchurch Designer (as seen on DIK)
Jeffrey Docherty

Nice flash from pine

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, its music for the masses

Australian INFront _Tees

Would anyone like to say anything about this years bloggies??

darcy says:
FTM it dood, im too lazy

Its my favourite record label, now its your favourite record label, its the re-designed Vagrant Records

Continuing from james post, here's the slashdot thread on tthe subject.

Art of New Zealand Trust &middot

Safari OS X only. Looks nice. But another browser in the world is like another bullet in the f**king head if you ask me.

stretchyourlegs reDesigns. great example of a portfolio site.

Mission Hall &middot

I'm on holiday, its a beautiful day outside and everything seems to be breaking down left and right.

I only just found the web site, and im amazed it hasn't been linked up anywhere else, as andy howell is one hell of an artist.

They might claim to be the first to clone - looks like they might need to clone a nice designer for themselves.
clone here

Young and ripping, The Moment are a five-piece band from Orange County, CA. Make sure you have a listen to their mp3's.
Also, if your at the BDO in january, be sure to check out Dunedin gutter punks [and friends of mine] Ritalin, who will be playing there. up dates its site, "with richer content and depth to provide you with a dynamic and informative source that reflects all the aspects of Pulp"

As Mister Jamez is on Holiday, I'll let you know the new FTM INFO page is up. A darcy exclusive.

Merry Xmas From Tokyo.

Santa needs some help at lavender*
chow 45 Tory
that's it. im on holiday. peace out etc

New Zealand Home of Middle-earth "Hi I'm Karl Urban, you might remember me from such Flash files as.." hehe. this is a great bit of work from the boys & girls at Shift

more holiday cheer . this time from origin

heres a couple of links for a couple of folks who linked to ftm

...I'm the one inside the pub across the street :)
this is cool. Alexa amazon meets google.
The Very Hungry Caterpillar is as about as far as my reading got. well if you dont count the Friday Flash.

Have a merry shift Xmas

Cactuslab Snogo!

yo, Im away for 3 weeks (I know this aint inspiring news) ... just wanted to wish everyone a rad holiday period and all that. UnPlug your comp and your tv ... go see live music or a young farmer competition :/ (at least it's in the sun right!?) If your into H!P H0P, try and search out the new "Lewis Parker (it's all happening now)" LP ... (uk hip hop is alive and hoppin), oh ... and be nice to each other.


we have a winner!
and yep. this is what I think of Xmas®

Christmas & Santa are registered trademarks of The Coca Cola Company. &middot

I'm sure my mum wouldn't have such a problem with my arcade game collection if i showed her what it could look like. wow.

Trouble with xmas presents? How about something

Usability is not everything apparently.

Bought a CD in the US in the last 6 years?
You'll get between $5 and $20 back if you file a claim here

The 2002 Middle Earth Countdown

Get a/your moose on &middot

Tonight in Auckland, 6pm :
Natcoll Design Technology
first graduating class
[ proceed with caution ]
Level 3, cr Symonds St and Krd

NZMUSIC.COM has redesigned, thought you'd like to know.

"For The Masses" + = " for the masses is echoed in adolf hitler's 'mein kampf' ", umungst other strange things.
and apprently "james is a girl", "darcy is usually not allowed to receive calls after 10 pm on a school night", "darron is a level 51 druid", and "pete is as authentic a mambo dancer as we're ever likely to see"
I'm never going to get any work done....

..the winner of the InDesign comp will be announced Monday! oOoOoOO! The excitement builds!!

While it appears youung Mr. Burgess is trying to break the news CMS & drive me mad, I'll tell you what keeps me sane, pictures of NZ from space....

FaZe's new portfolio has officially been launched

Hey All,
Last Thursday I was made redundant if anyone knows of any full time design jobs going or you or you boss is looking for someone. Please email me. Or view my little c.v.
Thanks Tim

its a poor man's official james bond megalomaniacal super-villian world domination mission control video wall


Check out how much land it takes to support your lifestyle with the footprint calculator
Then figure out how can you reduce the impact of your lifestyle on the environment. Nice.

I thought someone would have posted this by now, but here it is... Russell
Browns Hard News reborn as a weblog, joined by 3 other ranting geesers.

I was thinking about waiting until someone did the Tablet PC right [*cough*Apple], but Alias have brought out Alias SketchBook, I might have to rethink that decision.

Site News Fuelled by supermarket beer & mums cooking I am starting to roll out some changes to FTM. So keep an eye out over the next few months. Also the response to the Adobe InDesign comp has been fantastic. You still have 1 more day so make sure you get your entry in now!

Simon James Furniture

Grant Maiden Photography

Have your say about the next version of NZ e-govt guidelines.
Thank you Mr. Holloway for the heads up.


Download the Vector files and make your giant posters and stickers. Paste up. Sticky fingerz.

NetGuide Web Awards 2002 And the winners are...

Aesthetic Apparatus has some inspiring posters for gigs.

_ATMOSPHERE™ &middot

brad has just finished his portfolio site. very nice use of the Flash &middot


Area 101 &middot

Lets settle this once and for all!

Macromedias Latest Product

Go and play outside in the sun like Farah. "So long and thanks for all the fish"

The Datsuns CD is good. Go buy it. I got a sticker with mine! yay!

Did you know that the Telecom art awards accepts computer created graphics for their covers?
Well, what are you waiting for? Fire up photoshop.

dinz is having a competition for "all New Zealand final year tertiary students, recent graduates, as well as individuals in their first five years in the workforce, who have graduated from a recognised tertiary design programme and are practising as a professional designer".
Best info I can find out about it is here.
*edit - You can pick up more details about the in the 10th aniversary edition of PRODESiGN, but not much more.

workspaces - new project at elevenfortyeight -
upload an image of your workspace to go into the gallery.
check it out

Great response so far to the InDesign comp. Keep them entries coming in!

Accountancy & Business Law & Japanese more slick stuff from the crew at the Otago Uni Web Office - still in beta mode but keep an eye on it. another palce for ozzie & kiwi creatives to hang

i i i Beautiful illustration from Donna Cross and Scott Kennedy

photic*forms Excellent NZ Luminary Design by Wayne Ferguson.

Muck Mouth *small NSFW warning. Not safe if you work at a SOE and you have an email disclaimer that was written by Hitler.

Template files for the creation of CD labels, might be useful once and a while

Now James can be just like toni, with all the great images of NZ weather

Hey. Ive been there

L'Oreal New Zealand Fashion Week

Winners of the Nzoom school web challenge have been posted

Phong is one of the sites that got me interested in making stuff for the web some 4-5 years ago [netscape gold represent]. Good to see its still going strong.

Mad talent over at Disruptiv, NZ talent of course.

Danny Zuko?

The Designers Republic have opened up their new store in the Shop33 complex here in Tokyo.

And like always the ForTheMasses crew are working hard everyday to bring yous the freshest off the boatest newz. So heres a sneak look at the tdr shop. 1 _ 2 _

StudioAnybody Updates over in Melbourne.

Wired redesigns to XHTML/CSS goodness, at least it works in NN4, eh Stuff?

BAFTA 2002 Interactive entertainment nominees - winners

You'd think a movie about a web designer inhaling gasoline fumes would have a better website.

I'm breaking with tradition and letting in some Nuclear Powered links into our port :) .

Fame, Fortune, Recognition. They could be all yours thanks to studiowhizz.

Doves video for There Goes The Fear is the best dam music vid I have seen in a long while + there new site ain't bad either!

Microsoft JScript error in Microsoft IE5 at Ha Har!

innovation. He bites so hard he took out a life size chunk. like it. Rowan'z link. Fanx.

Prada . ORACLE BMW Racing . Alinghi . bit of time and $ spent on these bad boys

Pet01 Reprezent!

ST@RT_UP @ Te Papa:
An exciting interactive exhibition that investigates new media

CWA need someone with exceptional skills in using flash (action-script guru). Must also be
good at conceptual thinking/planning and be able to work well in a
team. E-Mail Cam if this sounds like you

I'm just surfing the Art Crimes web site, and am pleased to see a Nz graffiti artist kicking it in Cincinnati and getting some exposure!

Remember kids, no matter what Britney tells you, MP3 is not a crime.

I use to own this domain and was planning on starting a small type foundary....
yikes ¿ ¿ ¿

Former Wellington "designworks" Wise Guy Jeff Johnson has a new look at spunknation

Whats the Big Idea?

... oh and if your in Wellington 2nite (25 Sept), you have to check out Manitoba playing live at Bodega. Take ur dancing 'boots' !!!!

finally saw Múm last night, the sweetest Icelandic electronica ... laptops, glockenspiel. piano accordion, cello ... aww

Google : telling it like it is

CNN redesigns, at least it works in NN4, eh Stuff?


The Big Night In ~ not sure what this is all about. but i got a feeling beer is involved. so i'm in!


DiK - Design conference 11-12/04/03 Sydney

soma design ~ nice clean portfolio site from Julian Thompson, mediarts student at Wintec

When I am King

theatre studies & sciences ~ fresh from chris & co at the otago web office

housewife and raymon ~ This site should have been brought to your attention months ago. Bad James. This is what a good website should look like. Clean layout. Fast loading. A font size you can read & simple navigation. Beautiful. Just like the product :)

This might be very uncool but oh well kept me entertained for a song or two.

your up

This Months I BADLY NEED A REDESIGN award goes to : 42 BELOW VODKA

Nice drink. Not so nice Website.

Someone please give em the "cold call"

no no Pete. I want this

I could so see James cruising down Courtney place in this.

For all the sneaker fiend's out there....

Fractious Nick

James Kinky Women

"If you love Zeldman so much Pete why dont you marry him?"
and not to be out done. the good people at run also have a cam. Krd no less

Its not quite dotCom millions, but it is for a bit o' cash, design money for Zambonia.
Shamelessly nicked off Zeldman

Friends, isn't about time you enjoyed the view of Courtney Place

You might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of James wondering home drunk or a boy racer running over a slapper in white pants from 'the Hut'.


Finding training courses can be a pain in the arse sometimes, but Teachme might help you.

fush: Pete could do with a "bogan" tee shirt since he still lives out the Hutt

Beautiful abstract director work from : dextro + lia

Amy Franceschini has an exhibition at R401 at the moment, details: "Now Tron" Amy Franceschini. WHEN: Thursday 15 August - Saturday 24 August. WHERE:
rm401 * Fourth Floor * Achilles House * Cnr Commerce St and Custom St East * Auckland.
hat tip nicola

Nice portfolio here : sincretic

Spike Jonze's skateboard company .... ' c h o c o l a t e '

NZ surf website with cameras and a bit of beach info

This is such a good resource for logo's - download in pure vector form...

sauce Show reel including names such as Nirvarna

Even the preloader is Pretty - NZ snowboard clothing company. flippa

+ Some updated material from richard fenwick

The weird and wonderful world of shynola

Free Culture.

one for homesick homeboys darron & karl:
SJD - the most intriguing sound to come out of New Zealand
And now the site to match. from the lads at THIS WAY UP

After some nagging from Sam, I've add a RSS feed as well.

Have fun kids.

ATT American web developers: Can we please lose all the "United We Stand" and "911 heroes" from your sites? It was a long time ago get over it. You don't see us with "July 7 1985" all over For the Masses do you?

Hi, how you guys going?

btw, if anyone is interested you can now pick up ftm in xml

probably best bring yo'll DSL kids

.... oh and happy Bday Mr Burgess :)
*insert 'majestic' party streamer*

Happy Birthday dear James
Happy Birthday to YOU!!

found this cute little e card at teamuniform Carly Binding | Alright With Me

You know, I think its time James and myself had another trip up to Auckland, thats why you should vote for FTM as this years "Best Kiwiana Web site" at the Netguide awards.

Truely awesome film, Dark City crossed with American Beauty..

Donnie Darko

It takes a bit of time to play the website, and you have to pay attention. Gives you a good idea what the movie is like though.

There is some interesting news and events at Unlimited Potential Unlimited potential is a discussion forum for the IT industry in New Zealand and monthly events are organised to profile special topics and guest speakers. Get involved!!! It would be good to see more creatives at the meetings!

Best is out of intensive care. I will be having a few beers tonight to celebrate :)

Quote of the Day:
"My god man, its like slashdot, but for students!!
No good can come from this.."

[ : : : : salt_design : : : : ]
very very nice redesign from the crew behind a lot of the sweet stuff you see on your [telly]

Lick it like a Linky Lollipop:
No more scrolling link lists, the layout standard has been set:mixeurgraphic Thanks Frenchies!

things always change at fontomas

how did i miss this for so long ?
E-Boy updated !!!!!!!

SOo damn handy.

one for the superwoman utility belt:
WhAt The Font?!

Matt catches up with Che Tamahori in the june/july PRODESiGN

+ spam this little shit today if ya get the chance.

Fine Kiwi sounds

Fine Kiwi site

by urban ronin.

SPARC__2002 August 5-9 at the Waikato Institute of Technology.

My pic for tomorrow. in the Owhango Hotel 1600 from Taumarunui. Number 11. Skybaby. And apparently there is a General Election on too. So you should really all go out and vote.

Anyone know anything about some rumoured "usability certification course" in Wellington?

A *friend* wants to know, mail us eh.

This is some funny sh*t! We come in Peace

This is being linked up everywhere, and rightly so.
Amazing Sketchbook work at NormalNatural

Too good to be true?

switch then switchback

young Nic stays up way too late, i remember when i could do that :/


ps: dont hire me on a monday

The Interweb is fucken cool

that logo looks familiar sam. where have I seen it before?
drop them a line:

The Maori Government has declared war!


Journal #852 from the 1000Journals project is on its way to me, so if anybody would like to have a go at it before i ship it off, hit me up

satellite-mediagroup link Via: Matt

ngaitahu-seafood link Via: Brett


The New Zealand Music Video Awards are on tonight in Wellington, starting from 8pm at The Paramount Theatre. Tickets are $8 on the door.

RIP IT UP crap magazine. nice website.


Authors and dhtml, what better mix?

Yes, i stole this off Surfstation, but i couldnt not post it. MartinFewell.
And just incase you missed Sam's post, this is some hot hot stuff.
And although old news to some, im still talking to Pedro over at CactusLab.
And as if there wasnt enough US propaganda already, the NSA's Cryptologic Museum

My, My that news and some of that code looks so familar...

But where have I seen it before?

NZ band Clowndog are currently touring, if they come to a town near you i highly recommend you see them. They are great!

Nzp2p - file sharing for kiwis, gotta be a good thing! Sorry MAC Daddies - its a PC app :P

For all lucky enough to be in the cold south, check out winter fest.
TIP: don't eat the yellow snow either.

employment opp
wanted / person with:

a) tight layout/design skills
b) editing experience (premiere)
c) camera experince (vid+still)
d) London based

... knowing html is a plus.

Mail me with urls. thank you.

Hot off the press..

Ian Robertson Photography

sweet. I know who I'm voting for now.

and James bowling from the city end of the Basin Reserve picks up a hatrick for New Zealand!!! It's about websites. That are pirated. Thanks for the link Karl :)

Pirate Material thanks to cam for this one.....

gotta do my FTM news link Quota or James might cut my membership to the Exclusive FTM Country Club....

A revolutionary golden child, armed with 9 piercing lenses and the ability to completely transform your world. One single shot produces 9 identical images on one print. Get yours @ artikle wellington $145


Remember kids, pirates are bad*.

*This message brought to you by Mike Chung.

Refugee Design, designing for freedom in Austraila.

fluidmedia redesign. this happened a few weeks ago - sorry i'm not on the ball at the mo.
and check out these hard men of nz design

Forgot to mention that Neomu is only NZ$1 - best bargain ever!

A friendly reminder...Last call for the Best Awards - late entries due 5pm Wednesday 10th July! Two more days to go!!!

The smallest magazine in the world... Neomu is a collaborative publication of design and photography from artists across the globe. A call for contributions, for the next publication, is due soon. Check out the mag at the Unity bookstore in Wellington. :wellingtron free-lancer. very nice. very summer. we like summer. pass the milo.

from NZ? got a band? go sign up!dam good idea from the crew at

Cool to see Boost's hardwork on the front cover of the Evening Post

Good on ya guys.

Save the 90 Closes 4pm Friday. Please be patient, there are lives at stake.

it could be worse. i could have to pay for Ho$ting :)
big thanks today to outwide for giving FTM a room to rent for free.

cheer up James, it could be worse :/ [practise now and be prepared]

Keeping GE in the lab at! Check out the Sissy postcard range at a stockest near you - features lots of creepy GE photography!

well i'm back from what was the worst couple of days of my life last week. life must go on and all that so i will take up from where i left off last week.
we have brought some new players into the FTM squad so i think it would be a good time to introduce em:
at 1st 5. Angela from Canterbury. on the left wing Christine from Wellington. and at fullback Megan also from Wellington.

Fancy setting up "gatherings" with complete strangers that share your common interests in Live Journal, Slashdot and Ex-Jehovah's Witness?
Then try MeetUp.

COCCA GALLERY - 2 July - 19 July - Christchurch - Skateboard Design exhibition - Some tight work there - You can even see an elevenfortyeight piece hanging on the wall.

New Zealand At War?

Find out about Our Land and Our People... Dictionary of New Zeland Biography


Understanding USA
This is a great information graphics site packed with really interesting diagrams, graphs and stats - true info graphics! A good starting point for finding some inspiration!

Check dis out fanx HORSEY

Not sure about the whole accessibility thing, have a read of 30 days to a more accessible weblog, it helps put the whole thing into perspective.

While most of the Wellington Crew are at the NZ launch of flashMX "networking", please spare a thought to those that are still working hard in flash and not getting the day off with free coffee and muffins.
Via Flash Blog

An eye catcher or an eye-sore?? The Bucket Fountain is a Wellington landmark you cannot miss!

+ donate

The Greens new web-site has just been launched, Using all open-source software.
If only i was old enough to vote.

Flying Nun redesign! yay my favourite kiwi label!
and grab a copy of Chickens Hits featuring me old mate from Glenfield FiFi

Thorogood more illustration. this time from the UK.

NZ born fashion designer Collete Dinnigan

Check out Ali Teo's wicked illustration portfolio. Classic kiwi 'Minties Moment's' also feature.

Oh yeah, don't forget to get your nice pills for the weekend!

NZ launch of Macromedia MXFTM welly crew will be there inforce going for there *balls!!

*Flash Balls.

This Weekend. Valve. FUN POISON
The unexploded awaits you! Taking you on new ventures and levels of audio hijinx, breaks, cuts, beats and bruises!

You are what you wear at Catch Super slick print brochure too! Forgive me if this link has been mentioned before! I'm new at the news!

Congrats are in order to Arts & Letters Daily, NZ's first Webby winner.

*Please dont eat the pictures Beautiful work from Auckland Illustrator Leah Morgan.

Wanted one webhost

-*nix, php, mysql, Pear/Soap, option of Sablotron would be nice too.
-user ability to create sub-domains, unlimited email alias, decent stats.
-host 2 urls [that includes with or without www.] without incurring extra cost for the pleasure.
-less than $60 a month.
Email between 1am and 12pm, Monday to Friday

360degrees NuMedia from ALand

whosewe.comDo you feel lucky punk?

I would have expected a review by now from the kiwi contingent at the Sonar festival in Barcelona, but they are evidently still too high to operate electronic communicatoin devices...

nz skateboarding company - new site soon

James was overjoyed to hear the news, Bruce would still be around tomorrow.

Oo! And the Performing Arts site :)

University of Otago web Office smart new site from the deep south.

Nice motion reel at one9ine, and a fresh season at

Working on a project with this chap
next week, also some nice bits from the friends in spain!

Virtual Keyboard for Cell Phones - Madness

darcy update

Petes Mediawhore momentTM
Paul Holmes cast as his usual self for LOTR

NZUSA has organised an online petition for submission to Mr. Maharey addressing the current student loan scheme. Even if it doesn't directly affect you, i urge you to sign it as it does affect me and the 2/3 of the other tertiary students in NZ not eligible.

July 27 - you can work on election day or enrol to vote here

The New Zealand Film Festival launches.

Design by Ocean

.: project twenty three :.
updates. very soft and sexy just how i like em. and another yay ireland! i'm very tired/hungover.

design a screen tattoo and win over at vodafone
and for all you sad sad bastards who don't get out much. EA are after the gamer of the year

Marianne Webb is the latest exhibition down the street at OriginArt. is a vast database driven monster matt tells me.

Who do you think is the best web host in NZ? Please let us know.

no more ?

My dream of being the first cy-borg skateboarder has been replaced by.... the dream to be the first cy-borg hoverboarder!

New Zealanders taking it to the world!
D4 interview on PixelSurgeon.

[ ] we lurvvvvvvvvv it! and you know who else loves it? ya mum!best nz flash site i have seen in a long while_

some dam fine links from the ftm inbox:
and yay Eire! "Keane-Oh! Keane-Oh! Keane-Oh!"

I'm sorry Petes not here at the moment, please leave your name and number after the *beep*

Our good friends from across the ditch Phojekt&#153 updates.

studio whiz!!
go write some tutorials and upload them, with some support this could be one amazing resource. support it!



Sonar challenge hack was just too cute not to post.

ok then. here are the offline photos.and big ups to everyone who made it along. bring on number 5!

FYI DESIGN Straight outta HOWiCK! Crazy mo" Fo" called Bryn Heveldt ....
Hey James where are those offline photos buddy? I especially wanna see the ones of Petes mum getting intimate with Sam.

I matched the man behind the bar for the jukebox
And the music takes me back to Tennessee
And he asked who's the fool in the corner crying
I say a little ole wine drinker me

keep them panels & links coming people. we should be updating them soon. but I don't want to get rid of the one on the left here. as it's so dam cool!

I told James he should have gotten into the blogging scene earlier.

2 more sleeps until offline and im off to wellington today. anybody who wants to catch up can get me at 027 407 8062

This site should have been linked up weeks ago.
Not often a flash site impresses me, most are full of "Supacool" web design cliche's, but Salted Herring is very different fare.

oOO! The New Pacifier site! ooO!

Domainz has a new look.

SNOW! SNOW! SNOW! The little kid in me was re-launched while snowboarding down stuart st at 4am this morning. Salocin has been re-launched as well. feedback would be appreciated.

For anyone interested in the table competition below check out this handy Image to Table thing from Reactive Media in Australia.

oh the cuteness!
Visit Orisinal if you've got time to burn.

This one's for Sam, since I know he loves his tables

This might be worth a visit. The Digital Solutions Expo at Te Papa.But be careful when you visit the |official site|

Pnut's Thoughts is a kiwi blog of about all things nu media.
And it's just 5 sleeps to go till it's Offline time again!

I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, I love google!

The big secret is out, Toolbox is now.. OUTWIDE

WOW what a link drought on dis site. So check this out gezzer

Freelance Art School:
A cool place to learn about animation.
Dow Design:
Brand design from Auckland. Looks like they had a hand in that cool Anchor Milk stuff. moooo!

A new brand for New Zealand? Or a New Zealand visual language? Give it a read.

Sam & I are homeless :(
Drop us a line if you want to adopt a cute and cuddly web developer for your flat in Wellington. (or even out the Hutt for James as he is a bogan from way back)

Dude, boot up your PS2 and meet me for some MS bashing at slashdot.

Darcy featured in the latest pulp magazine, neo section. purchase.

Well well well what have we here, first k10k update and now it's ANALOG Media What a month its been! has rebooted as AmplifierAnd bigger is better Karl. Bigger is better!

Time to update your Flash player?

Paua2thePeople Launches - Nice work JK and fanks to Nic too for a nifty little online script!Yo James whats up with your grandma type mate? - we like it small here buddy!

infusion - very nice: from Auckland me thinks.

Holloway has released the every first version of Phpilfer.


And for once a New Zealand link, what I consider to be New Zealand's best blog cheerschopper by joe mahoney

11408 & U-1 have rebooted_

NZOOM is after a web joker.

The next AudioVisual Lounge session is at 8pm on Tuesday 7th May at Velvet (off Edward Street, opposite Firm Records, near Studio 9) with NO COVER CHARGE.
An hour of contributed video material will be screened during the first hour, including a couple of locally produced music videos and some animations, followed by a live VJ/DJ mix, performed by The Earth Life Dimension (comprising local VJ‚s Tranceducer, The Inquizator and Hallucinagenius, with DJ Trent spinning the vinyl).For more info, drop Julian a line.

Oh goodie the Webbies are back!


OFFLINE 4. June 1. Wellington NZ. You all have heaps of time to find something nice/black to wear. Go RSVP now :)

Get your BOTY name here!Mine was Retarded North Island Web Designer James Burgess.

For the past few years Christchurch has been the only main centre in New
Zealand without a Film Society There will be a public meeting on May 1, 7:30 pm in the University Theatre, Arts Centre, to discuss
plans to revive the Canterbury Film Society.

If you've ever seen 'Serial Experiments Lain' then you'll be pretty interested in seeing this which will have a "fully intergrated voice control system" If you haven't seen Lain, perhaps you should?

K10k are back!

Could someone explain why I'd want a XML feed from Macromedia?
Oh right I could win stuff, of course how foolish of me. Shame I'm not in one of the 50 eligible American states or Canada [barring Quebec of course?] so much for that global InterWeb thing!

At least link up the creators of the K'Lee site James.

Funky in the oldschool web design ways..

I'm so totally going NINJA when I go home tonight.

Anyone for BullRush?

Prolific Broadcast Design Studio Brand|Spank relaunch with a solid body of work.Another darcy scheme_

Can You Feel Me K'lee?

im looking for information on any design/programming education in nz. my real interest is in programming but any information would be good. please email me with anything u think might help.
ps. sorry bout this post but im getting desperate

Its not often that technology actually surprises me

This weekend, apart from trying those new Hangover Over pills, we will be trying to change serves. So if things start to look strange please_let_us_know___

Sooooo many colors!!

.....Somethings change.

Tanya Carlson fashion designer.
On a related note, does anyone know a Tanya Carlson that went to Paekakariki Primary school? If you do, could you flick me an email with what she is up to now-a-days.

Times top 50 websites.
Vote for FortheMasses!

Photoshop 7 User Conference
WellingToon - April 15
ChCh - April 17
ALand - May 3
..And I think it's free! Yay Adobe.

Im sittin here at work, with a HUGE bag of supreme coffee that my good friend just flew in with, as well as the new 'February' CD [note if you aint heard em, ring up Active and request something. What more could I ask for, it's friday and it's even warm and sunny!WGTN.RE:PREZENT.word.


urban graffiti hero ' banksy '
also on the graffiti tip wk interact has just released a book - nice !

Mr Men [and Little Misses], Rock!

NZ Fashion Label 'non' launch their Winter 2002 CollectionWatch out for non, they are going worldwide and you can quote me on that.Meanwhile it was I who designed that site, so hit me with your feedback and bug reports.

Can anyone loan me some money for this

Some great photography by Adrienne Pitts is over at OriginArt

I can't believe no one mentioned that our own lovely Ruth redesigned.

Check out the AudioVisual Lounge Tuesday 2nd April at Velvet off Edward Street in Wellington, from 8pm. Showcase for Locally Produced Animation, Film and VJz.Holding it down for FTM are the ____________NEUEMATIK CREW.plug plug plug

Bill Hicks. Like the Queen Mum. Is also dead. And that's sad too. site contiene la información completa acerca de:
datos generales, envío y especificaciones de obras y cierre de entrega de las mismas.

It's the 7th New Zealand Online Survey!
Yay! Fill it out. Win crap you don't need!

Nice One Weta

which Academy Awards are you watching? us or them?

fickle but peertyLINK

Auckland 3D firm picked for Xbox deal

Wellingtons own Breathe Communications

It's the homeguard of America the Armed Females of AmericaPro Gun Women on Full Auto

New Zealand video game companies Sidhe and Acid

for those of you who care....
Surfstation redesigned. Interview with Josh Davis and work by crew7. be sure to refresh.

I dont remember if I posted this a while back, but you should CHECK IT again anyway.

jive. ... oh and, Marcus, your lazy !

Go Teamteam uniform redesign.

Once Were Jedi Warriors All poor old Tem Morrison needs is a crate bottle of lion red and Yoda playing Herbs on the Guitar.

This is way to fucken cool Thanks Darcy for the link

Bill, what have you done?'Smart' tags

p.s if any one is in london on wed, the one and only Tim Shadbolt is hosting a par-tay at New Zealand House, promoting free education in Invercargill.
+ keep the sound on. inspired by len lye .

Call me lazy, I have not worked in four months, maybe this could be the time to return.

The Church is pleased to inform you of the christening of a new student. Jeremy Dixon.

Big thanks today to Matt. Steve at AGM. And Bruce Foster for getting the For the Masses story on paper :)

Chances are CactusLab did not have that much control over this site, Zoom Zoom, but guys what are you thinking?The first time I opened the site I crashed back to my desktop with a fatal excecption in IE6. I shudder to think what it's like on a Mac.

Who's that sexy young man on page 58 of this months PRODESiGN?
James, ya damn right.

christchurch boys and girlsdoing well in london!

Te Pou Taki Koreroredesign

The response to the links & panels pages has been overwhelming! Please keep em coming, as they will be updated this weekend. And look out for some fresh new panels on other pages through the site. + The complete Interface-7 interview archives & a few more For the Masses profiles. Still all 100% locally owned and operated.

Only sweet and sexy things come from the Bay of Plenty ya know

c a t a l y s t | Multimediavery very nice! ta mike

some late overseas news:
SK8 Deck design winners.
DXP.COMP.021st prize is a years free hosting! Lets see some kiwi entries ahe!

FLASH MXOr should I say Flash 6??


another beer related linkGive it Back!

It's the Export Gold Wheelbarrow thing :)

re | design ART|EYE

yezz . 20th issue go get em matt

The Strip

Although not a New Zealand site this is one of the coolest things I have seen on the Internet.


I'm getting board with the image on the left. Download this psd. Make up your own one. Send it back. And if we like it we will stick it up, and link it back to your site. Easy!

sexy 365 nights

destinationAwesome dance partie in the Southern Alps. Cool live acts including Salmonella Dub, Trinity Roots, Gavng Girri and Infusiondanceonarock

About time Photoshop 7 came out, its only been what a year since 6?


look down her top! ta shaun

chrometoaster updatez


Links from down south.
while the site might not be too fancy, the clothing is good.... Id Dunedin

the peoples bureau

all your favourite news___

The IHC annual appeal runs from the 14 to the 20th of February.
Donate some of your dot com millions now!

Happy Birthday For the Masses!
Send us some love :D

What age are we living in?

SUVA: A Fijian court on Monday ordered the execution of coup leader George Speight after he pleaded guilty to treason at his trial for overthrowing the country's first ethnic-Indian led government in 2000.

Speight was ordered to be taken from the court to a prison and then to a place of execution and be hanged.

More Here

Courtesy of Methods of Execution, Being Hung


_beat them at their own game____deleterepublik

KowalskiAnd Happy Valentines Day!

not bad for a film made in Upper Hutt

For the Masses will be one year old next Tuesday. Yay!And to celebrate where getting on the piss at Zebos/5:30pm/not am/Tuesday the 19th of February.So if you’re in Wellington that day come on down/and bring your liver.


adrienne has a nice portfolio site

New FTM'er Dan just sent me this. It must be shared with the world!

One "EYE MAGAZINE" gets live

Happy Waitangi day New Zealand!

OoOOo My Panties!

I like

do YOU?

Hey, they don't call me krazy for nothin'..

dunedin's radio one launches a new site.

i have a feeling this may have been linked before, but oh well.
Coffee Supreme

La Luz de Jesus Gallery

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Flash player 6

Pretty maps for the geek in everyone at

Lifes a Cartoon

The Cartoon Show is on at the Auckland Art Gallery hosting a variety of NZ and international work including
Fred The CLown

Speaking of cartoons, go watch the box and get your daily dose of Spongebob Squarepants and the Power Puff Girls

from the crazy kids at very very sexy.

design guru


The finalist for the bloggies has been announced today, and look not a single New Zealand web blog in the “Australian/New Zealand” category.

nice wee web placefrom the Nak-E I think. 06 that's Taranaki ain't it?


See. I do check it from time to time :)jacob sua
::: Digital Post :::

Turns out a little extra in audio galaxy has been doing more than delivering you some fine mp3's, have a read, then uninstall those fuckers.

Since I get respect generator, my computer love me more"

First of all, the rather lush Splore.SPLORE’S EVOLUTIONARY JOURNEY CONTINUES INTO THE FOURTH YEAR OF FUTURE MUSIC & INTEGRATED ARTS. From February 15»17, people will gather at the spectacular new outdoor location for a dynamic and original festival. located 70 minutes drive south east of Auckland, in the beautiful Waharau Regional Park.
And also the grungy Moneyshot Website.
Thanks Stephan

Whoa looks like they use Auto-Illustrator!

This is very very tight, see

And the design division:
Catalyst Multimedia

Hello the Masses! I wasn’t going to show my face around here until February but an emergency has arisen. According to our good friends over at NZMUSIC the band formally known as Shihad is having their final gig at Valve tonight. If anyone has any more info about this historic event. Drop us a line.
Site News: A cleaned up FTM with a few old favorite sections will be back on your screens around February some time. Complete with 1B5’s and new shoes all set for the new school year!


check the fuck out of this one i am giddy te w illist got ripped"" 'link__________________-

The first Virus for SWF is born......

No its not the l33t3st WaReZ you seen, Alias|Wavefront will be giving away a "Personal Learning Edition" version of Maya, you'll have to register as it wont be ready till febuary, but still very, very cool.

Apples new iMac, hopefully there's a pink one for James
Update All the links to the article are dead but theres a copy at MacSlash, the quip about James pink iMac still stands however.

The "2002 bloggies" are on again, why not nominate one of the fine New Zealand blogs for their "best australian or new zealand weblog" section.

Perhaps this year a NZ site might make the finalists.

Well James has vanished off somewhere up north leaving me to hold the Forthemasses fort.
Hope everyone had a great Christmas, and New Years tommorow is looking to be one hell of a party.
I'm going to break with my tradition of only posting New Zealand sites to tide you guys over until we get back up to steam again. Anyway, checkout:
See you guys at the next offline in year 2002

nice nz portfolio skinny

New Zealand's Radio & Recording industry news source
median strip

"Described as an
on-line arts community, the site encourages users to fill out a small CV describing their work. You can post notices of upcoming events, job opportunites and take part in on-line discussions"

Merry Christmas from the For The Masses Crew.

But be sure to check out the amazing work at ABC

OH MY. Lived up to the hype & made me homesick. Damn. NZ/Weta are on top. No one is reading this cos your at the theatre right ?

Xmas card sharing madness from the team at Shift


Moving up on the planet.

best flash interface I have seen in a very long while:: tmi

nice redesign of system33

and people that like fine icons, I give you Windows XP Visual Guidelines

Just thought I'd bring attention to the Transpower websites. Really nice corporate design.Transpower

These guys look promising, shame that they have used images instead of text, not a good start.

Cluster Creative

So much for living in a global, information and entertainment in a instant kinda world.

got no time for Ali G anymore since he dissed the mode.SuperGreg b mi nu fav-rit dj!

Our Aussie cousins at Design is Kinky are having another Tshirt design comp.The rules are very simple. Design a tee shirt that promotes anti-violence in our community.NZ could do with a bit of anti-violence right about now. So do something useful before you shut down and power off this Christmas.

here is a real flight 404 for you.

...we here at For The Masses know your pain.

Thats right for all you who are finding work boring in the heat or that summer job hasnt been found then submit your work. I could explain it all here but I wont.

Belinda Duffy Design

nu look at SHF


Smashing Pumpkins documentary 1am on Saturday 8th December

The Gathering 2002 is not to far away now.

James is so lucky to live with this guy

you have to see this, SUPER NICE_

Was a great night in at the BD4D event, inspiring and 'interesting'

finally something i think is news worthy
nice work at squarepix

Ok James, here ya go have a play with

Moodstats is now up
NT want some flash from ya
And where is everyone? I said we have "semi" closed down. Get back to work you lazy FTM News bums!!!

The cat from the Matterhorn who left it's mark on Offline 3, has passed away :(
vist nzmusic for more.

Auckland web place xoeIT

Te Papa, Wellington, 10am to 6pm daily Thursday and Friday, November 29th & 30th cost $ however


TECHTV lays off as many as half their staff last week.Well at least there's still the Fashion Channel, eh James?


Gotta plug this since Vicki got us on K10K back in the day :)...oooOOOooo.OT-TO.oooOOOooo... the Critter Corporation

thanx FOR THE MASSES and all involved - support AOTEROA design!

Wellington illustrator Stevie T. presents an exhibition called Disco Alchemy, opening tonight at Milk Gallery, 89 Victoria street, Wgtn.

nics listening to the new slayer album, thats where nic is. no sgool c or bursary for me, im doing sixth-form certificate. i have bout 2 hours of sgool left ! then its all over, and hopefully, off to do a bachelor of IT.

70's skater reunion this weekend in AucklandNic is into that kind of thing. Infact. Where is Nic? We have lost Nic! School C or Bursay perhaps?

Public Beta of

I have a print job that needs the tight skills of a good designer/company in the WGTN area. If your interested email me with your resume and samples {URL's only}

_note_previous experience absolutely essential

If your're in Auckland for the next few days make sure you check out the
Graduate Exhibition
for graphic and spatial design. Aotea Centre, November 14-19.

I almost forgot all about CULTURE REBOOT. It's when For the Masses celebrate the fact New Zealand kicks arse at everything.
Eg. Fashion . Film . Music etc
And all the cheesy manufactured rubbish from overseas can just stay at home.

NetGuide Schools Web Challenge the winners!!

Who shot the photographer?

This is in response to the ftm 'evilcat' splash featured about a month ago. I would like to make it very clear that THIS is indeed an evil cat. I live nextdoor to this monstrosity, I dont know what is more disturbing

your dayz are numbered. Last call for submissions to RIP IT OFF _string it together! _thanx :)

HA! HAR!!!

Auckland Media design firm with an intresting slant..


Some people just dont understand house music, its a spiritual thing a soul thing. _lucky does _kissFM with help from sydneys _yahoo crew.

I'm assuming that most of you have already been here, but if you're behind the times like me, check out the nice work that went into exportgold.


arclife records

Wanna make games?
Do you have College-level math skills: linear algebra/matrix math and trigonometry?
College-level introductory physics skills?
1-2 years experience programming in C++ , and
A desire to move to Seattle for the winter?

Then the Certificate in Game Development might just be for you.

If your as interested in the new Smashing Pumpkins greatest hits cd coming out tomorrow as I am, why not have a sneaky listen at what will be on the "bonus" disc Judas0


Remix Redesign -
CheekyMonkey -
And one more for all you pill munchers -

Check this ugly ass thing out here. It looks like a retro toasrer, only uglier....


finally - tvnz gets it on with sky. phew.


Does anyone have any idea what you'd put on 6 TFLOPS?.Anyone?

TUANZ interactive awards. If your totally bored with your day! down
your mouse

...looks like we where offline for a we while there. everything now seams to be sweet as :)

Good site to!

Go check out the Official top 10 kiwi tracks of all time.But no Upper Hutt Posse? No Shihad? Hummmmm?

The new Hoyts site is fucking hopeless. It was made by this lot. Both sites look like utter shit on the mac, and are over flashed fucking nightmares.

check out the great stuff at Gas Mask Nation


I love
, now even more than ever since the
has been up.

Dean vs this guy?

The Future Farmers is an oldie but a goodie, nice new reskin and sites!

The Christchurch Polytech art and design graduate exhibition is on now at CoCA gallery, featuring a tasty selection of work from a fresh batch of young designers. Finishes on the 27th.

"HOLY CALAMITY, SCREAM INSANITY ..... the new iPOD MP3 player from apple has made another great fan of me" [5 GB HDD, 10Hr battery at 6.5 ounces]



Yes they did, all the way back in the old days....

Mikey Havoc was right!
Nick Eynon could be a "menace" to young people. Run ladies! Run!

After about 20 years :) Paradise redesign.

Look I have an Evil Twin


The flash forward 2001 finalist are pretty spiffy.

Reinvent - 2And this is very sweet too. spectre7 *cough* *sneze*

I know James is a dab hand at the old US propaganda, shame he's not American, he could have a new job with the CIA

November 11th -

get your works in - check here for up to the minute "time is money" updates

For the masses rep-re-zent!
Dark Forces a massive underground dance party to celebrate halloween.


Now you can submit links & such till your hearts content. And don’t forget to join the mailing list.
And if you’re lucky. We might put up some pics from Offline 3. Wo Ho!

nu shihad website.

Every body needs a Personal Injury Warning System this summer..

Help the Americans identify the Terrorists! strangely informal.


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